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SEOmenu2go is an effective, affordable way to help grow your business. At SEOmenu2go you can find the tools, services and sites to Do It Yourself or choose from a Full Service menu. We specialize in the tools and techniques for Search Engine Optimizaton and Social Media. Here you will find the best backlinks, training courses, SEO services and more to help you grow your business.


At SEOmenu2go, you will find some of the very best ways to send hungry, buying customers to your business, and best of all many of these sites and services are free, offer free trials or actually pay you to use them! If you like to do it yourself, check out the product and service recommendations – many offer special bonuses. I use most of these products and services myself and I can personally attest to the quality, provide help and direction on how to use them and more. Bonuses for qualified purchases will vary, but the biggest bonus will be my help if you get stuck.

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Remember to always add value and quality to the websites you add content to. This will help build your brand, drive traffic and help you develop a strong backlinks profile.

Running a website and driving traffic can become very expensive. So I have included some of my favorite methods, so you don’t waste time and money. Try them out. Many offer a chance for you to grab tons of permanent, free backlinks during their generous trial periods. Just remember to always follow TOS (terms of service) on these sites.

Get free services and free training in the Free Social Bookmarking and  Free Backlinks sections. Take SEO courses that will help you take your business to the next level. You can learn a lot in the free trial period. Get Free Training.


7 thoughts on “SEOmenu2go

  1. mommymommymommy

    Hey, it’s mommymommymommy from IB! I would love to know about the niche blog article. Many thanks!

  2. Alrady / Darla


    Thank you so much for this. I appreciate your information and look forward to starting up a trial here soon. I know first hand the backlinks can increase income quite a bit, compared to an article that has NO backlinks.
    I have been blogging on foreclosure defense with Foreclosures Evictions and You. There is so much foreclosure fraud and mortgage fraud that I can barely keep up with news and information on how to fight to save your how, or what the POLITICIANS are doing. LOL BUT some kind people have backlinked me and it made a difference overnight.

    That is why I am convinced your FREE Training and Service will be helpful and then subscribing to an article robot service will be very helpful. THANKS

  3. Sam


    It’s me from eHow, Facebook, and everywhere else 🙂

    Looking forward to testing this out! How do I get started?

    1. admin Post author

      Good to see you Sam. Just pick one and get started. If you need help you can message me through the contact form.

  4. robert rose


    I just bought and read your kindle ebook about building traffic to my website and I did not quite understand how to link my articles on my website to each other. Do you have further information that can define this method better for me?

    Thank you,

    Robert Rose

    1. Lee Post author

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for picking up my ebook.
      I will send you a message and help you with this.

  5. tony lee

    I don’t know if you remember me but we’ve talked before! I just wanted to see how you were doing and wow! Your always sharing such great content and information with us. Thanks for everything. Keep it going!


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