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Free eBook: PAYDAY – Top Ways To Make $100 Or More Online!

PAYDAY – Top Ways to Make $100 or More Online!

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Hundreds of people have downloaded PAYDAY – Top Ways to Make $100 or More Online! and kick started their online earnings. In the ebook I share many of the methods I use to make a full time income online. There are so many different methods and this ebook covers many of them. Methods include Niche Blogging, Stock Photography, Fiverr, Amazon, Ebay sales and much more. Get started now, follow the methods and you can potentially make $100 or more online!

There are so many different methods to make money online and this eBook covers many of them. Get started now, follow the methods and you can potentially make $100 or more online!

If you have any questions or trouble with the download, please email me at Please give me time to respond.


Get Paid to Search

Swagbucks – Get Paid to Search. While you are searching the net for information you may as well get paid for it.  Swagbucks is a search tool that pays you to search with your choice of gift cards, prizes, jewelry, electronics, health and beauty products, posters and more. Very simple to earn Swag Bucks which get you the goodies. Just sign up and search. I almost always earn Swagbucks within the first couple searches. Plus they have Swag Codes which can be redeemed for even more Swag bucks! Fun site.

Most search sites take hours to get points and are not worth it. Swagbucks is the only search site I recommend. I generally log on, do a couple searches, get my points and I am off the site in a few minutes.
Below you will see my Current points at Swagbucks. Keep in mind, I have already cashed in many points.

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Password Manager

Have you ever felt overloaded with passwords? I have passwords for writing sites, email accounts, affiliate marketing companies I work with, shopping sites, rebate sites and so many more. It was time consuming to deal with logging in and remembering all of these till I downloaded the best password manager, Roboform.

Roboform is a password management system. It encrypts your passwords to keep them safe from keyloggers and hackers. It will generate passwords for you. And it automatically logs you in and out of your accounts.

Here is how it works; Once downloaded Roboform is available in your tool bar. You select a master password when you set up Roboform. Each time you log on to the computer, you type in the master password. It will remember the master password for the amount of time you decide on. When you visit a site, you select it from the Roboform drop down menu. Roboform automatically enters your user name and password and logs you in.

This saves a tremendous amount of time. You can quickly check multiple email accounts, log into social sites, visit your bank, utilities and other companies you do business with, enter contest and survey sites, visit forums etc. automatically when you select it from the drop down Roboform menu. I also recommend keeping a backup of all your passwords just for security purposes.

You can download Roboform and use it for free for up to 10 passwords. Roboform is safe and secure and you will find that Roboform saves you hours of time. I know I do.

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