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EBook Publishing: Sell More EBooks With Action Spreadsheets!

Hot off the presses, I just released EBook Publishing: Sell More EBooks With Action Spreadsheets! (Kindle Publishing 3). It is a follow up to my eBook EBook Publishing: 101+ EBook Marketing Tips With Promotion Spreadsheets! (Kindle Publishing 2)

You don’t need an eReader to read the book, you can download a free app from Amazon here:

It is on special for only .99cents! But the sale won’t last long…

Here is the description for the new book:

Are You Ready to Boost Your eBook sales?

My popular eBook “EBook Publishing: 101+ EBook Marketing Tips With Promotion Spreadsheets!” shared a step by step plan to use Amazon’s KDP Select along with marketing tips. Now kick it up to a whole new level with my new eBook; “EBook Pubishing: Sell More EBooks With Action Spreadsheets!”

In this powerful book you will discover how to tune in and turn up sales with social media PLUS you will love the Action Spreadsheets! Though this book is focused on Amazon’s KDP program, the tips and techniques apply to many platforms.

Grab Your Copy Here: EBook Publishing: Sell More EBooks With Action Spreadsheets! (Kindle Publishing 3)

In this eBook you will:

Find out what site leads the pack at influencing book buying decisions – (you should be on it!)
Pick winning book topics – (know what book categories sell well so you don’t waste time)
Discover how to get sales and rank tracking at your fingertips – (links to both free and paid spreadsheets included)
Learn what Amazon filter can send your book to sales hell – (and how to know if you triggered it)
Get the scoop on what you need to consider when writing book blurbs – (hint – keep it simple, find out why)
Find out how a little period, yes a period can increase followers on Twitter – (most Twitter experts don’t know this!)
See how simple it is to sign your books electronically – (it’s fun, free and easy)
Double dip, learn how to add an Amazon store to your Facebook Fan Page – (yes it is allowed, why not profit!)
And so much more!

Amazon Image

The heart of the book includes social media for authors:

Discover how to use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to kick your sales into high gear!
Tools and tips to bump up your social profile and make managing them easier like the app that will post your pins, web news, videos and more to your Facebook page automatically.
Get the skinny on branding, how to, why you should and what you can do to brand even better!
And crucial – how to start an email list so can interact with your readers, providing valuable content while selling to them over and over again!
And so much more!

A full section on tracking and managing sales with links to help you do it faster, better and ea


I have included some handy downloadable ACTION SPREADSHEETS.
These spreadsheets can help you organize your promotion activity. Let them serve as a guide to get you smokin’ in the Amazon sales ranks.

If you are ready to SELL MORE EBOOKS…then download your copy now! EBook Publishing: Sell More EBooks With Action Spreadsheets! (Kindle Publishing 3)

EBook Publishing: 101+ EBook Marketing Tips With Promotion Spreadsheets!

JUST RELEASED BOOST YOUR KINDLE SALES WITH MY LATEST EBOOK =====> EBook Publishing: Sell More EBooks With Action Spreadsheets!Amazon Image

Click here for the first promotions eBook =====>EBook Publishing: 101+ EBook Marketing Tips With Promotion Spreadsheets! (Kindle Publishing 2)Amazon Image

No eReader? Download a free eReader here:

Do You Want to Sky Rocket Your EBook Sales?

Amazon’s KDP Select offers publishers a unique opportunity to become a best selling author. In my eBook you will discover how to use KDP Select to your advantage to enjoy as many sales as possible.

EBook Publishing: 101+ EBook Marketing Tips With Promotion Spreadsheets! (Kindle Publishing) includes over 101+ marketing tips to kick your promo into high gear PLUS a step by step KDP Select promotion plan with Quick and Easy Spreadsheets!

NOTE: You do not need a Kindle to read this eBook. You can download the eBook from Amazon instantly and read it using a free app on your PC or other device from Amazon. You can get a free app here:Free Kindle Apps at Amazon In just minutes you can learn the secrets to more downloads and sales!

Amazon Image

This is the exact plan I use to get thousands of downloads on my KDP Select days. Using all free, quality methods, one of my books alone enjoyed over 22,000 downloads (which resulted in hundreds of sales) in just 2 days with KDP Select!

In the marketing tips section you will discover:
Increase your productivity – (how long should you work for, how you can get burn calories and get fit while writing your book…+more!)
Plan ahead to save time and effort – (easy tip for picking pen names, mind mapping tools…+ more!)
Work smarter not harder – (quick character generator, how customer reviews on competitors books can help you write yours…+ more!)
Create good book descriptions – (a call to action can increase sales, attention grabbing headlines pique interest…+ more!)
Handy Tools for eBooks – (check your rankings all in one place, count up your Kindle book sales in an instant…+ more!)
Top Ten Writer Resources – (get inspired with classic free literature, need grammar or style help – find it here…+ more!)
And so much more! Over 101+ marketing tips to help kick your promotion into high gear!

In addition the book includes my SECRET SAUCE!

The book includes a step by step KDP Select promotion activity plan with the Quick and Easy Downloadable Spreadsheets! These spreadsheets will totally organize you, giving you maximum mileage for your efforts!

You will LOVE how easy it is to open up your spreadsheets and follow the activities to promote your KDP Select days. KDP Select Promo days have never been easier and more effective!

Want to discover how to increase your downloads and sales in minutes?

Grab your copy of “EBook Publishing: 101+ EBook Marketing Tips With Promotion Spreadsheets!” today!
EBook Publishing: 101+ EBook Marketing Tips With Promotion Spreadsheets! (Kindle Publishing)

Author Marketing Club – AMC Premium Membership + BONUS!

Submit your book with the free Kindle Book Submission tool to the top Free sites at Author Marketing Club. Click here for the Author Marketing Club’s FREE EBOOK SUBMISSION TOOL

The Author Marketing Club Premium Membership is an affordable, effective way to promote your books, get inspired and more! AMC has always offered great tools for writers such as the Free Books Submission Tool, Author Marketing Training Events, Author Community and Author Services Directory. But recently the owner Jim Kukrai has developed a full complement of handy services, tools and more in a special premium membership service. Simple to use the membership will save you hours of time and frustration and help get the buzz going on your books.

And I am offering a special BONUS on it when you use my link! (Scroll down to read about the Bonus)

The AMC Premium Membership program offers a ton of features including:

A Free Pre-Made Book Cover ($30 Value)
Amazon Description Generator for feature rich descriptions
Expert Author Case Studies
Authors Secrets Mastermind
Discount Book Bundles
New Member Features
Fix Your Books Workshop (generate more sales)
Review Grabber Tool
and much more!

If you want to explode your books effectively and affordably this is definitely worth the investment!


Even if you are not ready to invest now, you should be using the free AMC Submission Tool Page. This has many popular sites to submit your book for free promo days to. You can check it out here: FREE AUTHOR MARKETING CLUB SUBMISSION TOOL

AMC also offers a free eBook that is jam packed with ideas on how to promote your book. You can download the free eBook here:

Ready to Learn more about the AMC PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP? You can find out about the many benefits here: AUTHOR MARKETING CLUB PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP A one year membership is only $105 that’s only $8.75 a month! Or you can buy a monthly membership for $24.95. And it has a 30 day money back guarantee.

BONUS OFFER Buy the AMC PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP thru my link and get the “Kindle Publishing Kit” Free as a Bonus. The Kindle Publishing Kit comes with a template for Kindle and tips on formatting and promotion.

I love the Author Marketing Club and I think you will too!


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EBook Cover Maker Pro Software

I am excited to share that I have partnered up with software developer Jim Coutu on an affordable way to make gorgeous eBook covers for Kindle, Smashwords and more. The software, eBook Cover Maker Pro is so easy to use and the results are amazing! You can make eBook covers that are as simple or sophisticated as you like!

Take a look at some sample covers:

Grab your copy of this software while it is on dimesale; >>>>> EBOOK COVER MAKER PRO

Here are some of the benefits of this software:

  • Quick Start Up Guide and Tutorials built into Software
  • Use any font available on your computer
  • Change font size, style and add special effects in seconds
  • Tabs at top simplify the cover making process
  • Add images, clipart and logos easily
  • Over 100 background images to choose from if desired
  • Color picker for optimal color matching
  • Preview cover in full size, 75% and 50%
  • Ability to add dozens of pre-set shapes for more pizazz
  • Sized for eBook covers or choose custom size
  • Saves projects for easy editing
  • Images can be saved as a JPEG, TIF, or PNG
  • Works for Kindle, Nook, iPad and others platforms
    and much more!

I have several Kindle eBooks that are or have been bestsellers and they were all made with eBook Cover Maker Pro. The software comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click here to learn more and to grab you copy while it is on special introductory sale! LIMITED TIME AT THIS LOW PRICE!



Kinstant Formatter – Instant Kindle Book Format

BONUS OFFERGet a Free Kindle Publishing Kit – Scroll Down For My Bonus Offer On The Kinstant Formatter!

I recently published another book on Kindle, Make Money Online: 101+ Ways To Earn Money Online! (Work From Home).  The Kinstant Formatter made Kindle formatting so easy. Happily I found this tool early in my publishing career and I have used it for all of my books.

(Note: Check out my article on Kindle Publishing here ; Kindle Publishing)

If you have ever tried formatting a book, you know how frustrating it can be. It is time consuming and frustrating to get just the right margins, tags and more. You can outsource it, but outsourcing fees quickly add up. Plus you have the inconvenience of waiting for your book to come back. And if you know you have the work of formatting ahead of you – it is easy to just give up.

Amazon Image

IMPORTANT – If you want to make money writing books, you will want to focus your energies on writing or managing outsources NOT on formatting.

If you are like me, you want things done efficiently and affordably. Plus you want them done right. For these reasons, I decided to check out a lot of different formatting tools. What I found was some that just did not work, like the free one that didn’t allow me to put a title page after my cover. I also found ones that over complicated the process. Hello – if I had written War and Peace maybe I would want to spend hours trying to learn how to work that software.

Yes, I wrote a quality book, but I did not want to spend hours formatting it. I wanted to get it out there and work on another one!

Happily, I found Kinstant Formatter by Steven Henty. This little tool is fast. It is efficient. It is affordable – downright cheap for what it does. And it produces a top notch ebook!

You simple type in your title and author name and upload your document and Voila – your ebook is formatted. It is that easy. You do not have to download software. Simply go the site, input the information and that is it. This screen shot shows you how easy it is.

Kinstant Formatter

It is best if you upload your document to the Kinstant Formatter from a template designed for Kindle, because you will get cleaner results. As a bonus if you use my link to purchase Kinstant I will send you a template plus more – scroll down for the Special Bonus Offer.

And how does it look? Well if you have a kindle just download the free sample of my ebook here; Website Traffic Step By Step Guide – Spreadsheet Included + Bonus List Building 101 You can see how the Kinstant Formatter formatted my kindle book. If you don’t have a Kindle you can pick up a free Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac You can see how the Kinstant Formatter formatted my kindle book.

And by the way,I highly suggest you invest in a Kindle. I picked up the Kindle Fire and love it!

The Kinstant Formatter is a web based tool. There is no worry with downloading software and no learning curve – truly. And support for the tool is outstanding.

You will save a ton of time at a tiny price. The Kinstant Formatter is only $27 for a credit pack of 100. You can buy more credits if desired. Credits are good for one full year. The is a great opportunity to get your ebook formatted at a very affordable price.

There are no excuses now! Get your book out there!

Click Here to Get the Kinstant Formatter.

BONUS OFFER Buy the Kinstant Formatter thru my link and get the “Kindle Publishing Kit” Free as a Bonus. The Kindle Publishing Kit comes with a template for Kindle and tips on formatting and promotion.

I love the Kinstant tool and I think you will too!

To Get Your Kindle Publishing Kit Bonus;

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2. Send your transaction ID to
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Kindling – Get the Best Kindle Publishing System + BONUSES

Click Here for the Best Kindle Publishing System – Kindling

Click Here to Read About the Tools I Use for Inexpensive Kindle Publishing!

Scroll Down for My Bonus Offers! (Geoff Shaw the creator of Kindling does not offer a Kindling discount anywhere, so I am offering bonuses on it – the KINDLE PUBLISHING KIT and my ultimate WORK AT HOME RESOURCE GUIDE, when you use my link.) Many members of the group are making thousands every month!

UPDATE – Since writing this post I now have 17 books on Kindle with several in the works. I am happy to share I have sold thousands of books! And have had multiple best sellers. My books have been #1 in Beauty and Fashion Paid, #1 in Job Hunting Paid, #2 in Advertising Paid, # 1 in Human Sexuality Paid, #1 in Woman’s Health, #3 in Love and Romance Paid and #1 in Education Reference Paid. Those are just some of the rankings. One was ranked as high as #231 in the whole Kindle store in Paid. One of them hit #3 Free in the whole Kindle store.

Have you heard of Kindling? Kindling is one of the best Kindle Publishing training courses available. Publishing on Kindle is very hot right now. Authors report making a solid monthly income from their kindle books, with some big earners making hundreds of thousands. Books will never go out of style and eBooks are huge. At Amazon, eBooks are outselling print books. And you don’t have to own a Kindle to read or publish eBooks. You can download a free Kindle app for your PC or MAC to see how your book will look.

The Kindle Publishing Course teaches you step by step how to publish on the kindle. In the training you will learn everything from what to write about to how to format and publish. I personally was looking for ways to diversify my income and decided to try Kindle Publishing. Geoff is very inspiring. Following the modules in his course, I wrote and published 3 books on Kindle. All of the books are making sales, but I recently took time to promote one of the books and it is now #1 in its category resulting in a huge number of daily sales!

This is just the beginning for me. There are many authors who have been doing this awhile and are making thousands monthly and even daily publishing on Kindle.

In a January 2012 post on his blog, author J.A. Konrath shares that he made $100,000 in the previous three weeks from his Kindle books, averaging $3,500 a day. And these are books that the big publishing houses had rejected! Paranormal romance writer, 26 year old Amanda Hocking is a millionaire thanks to Kindle publishing. And there are plenty of other big earners. The top ten Kindle Direct Publishing authors raked in $70000 in December 2011 alone, from their piece of the Kindle Lending Library.

Amazon Image

Though most authors will not reach the income level of the top Kindle publishers, with quality content, earning a solid income from Kindle every month is very possible. Write the book once (or outsource it) and you can earn month after month.

With the high earnings potential of Kindle, there has been a rush of products aimed at teaching “wanna be Kindle authors” how to publish on Kindle. Unfortunately, many of these courses are weak, give bad advice or just don’t share full information on what you need to know to be successful as a Kindle Publisher. And there are so many of them, it can be both time consuming and expensive to find the gems. After spending time with a number of these courses, I can recommend Kindling by Geoff Shaw as one of the best Kindle Publishing Systems on the market. It contains everything you need to know to launch a successful Kindle Publishing business.

Shaw’s course is set up in a membership site. Once you join, you are given a lifetime membership to access the site. Here you can quickly find the information you need such as “formatting” or work your way through modules step by step. In the training, Geoff teaches; how to pick a market, the importance of social proof, how to find the demographics of your target market, creating your author area, building your launch base, formatting, your book’s cover and much more. He provides an easy to use template for ebooks and links to download the Kindle previewer and other helpful Kindle tools.

The Kindling Course also covers in depth many of the popular Amazon Kindle categories include; Fiction Writing, Recipe Niche and Romance/Erotica. And he includes his super sweet technique for more sales and income – The Best Seller Rank Boost.

Here are some of the modules in the Geoff Shaw’s Kindling course:

Success Stories – Where To Start – Formatting – Author Training – Categories – Fiction Writing – Non Fiction – Romance/Erotica – Episodic Books – Children’s Books – Ranking – Promotion – Branding – Various – Slapped – Recipe Niche -Tricktion – Outsourcing – Marshall – Marshall Training – Copy Success – Promotion – Twitter – Blog – Facebook – Original K2

One of the things I love most about the course is Geoff’s approach. Yes, you get tons of information, but he has broken it down into bite size pieces that you can easily fit into your day. And there are audios, PDF’s, reports and videos to choose from. Geoff has an easy to listen to voice and his content is very clear and easy to follow. And he is constantly adding new material.

And the Private Kindle Facebook group (included with the course) is amazing. Members share legitimate tips and techniques to succeed in the Kindle Publishing. Many members are making thousands a month.

Kindling Kindle Publishing Training

Kindling is not only an excellent course, it is also very inspiring. As Geoff says, “You can build an income that is more than most people would earn at their day job and certainly a lot more financially secure than most day jobs are in this day and age.” But you have to get started. Geoff does not have time for slackers. If you are motivated and want to succeed with Kindle Publishing this is the course for you.

The cost of the course is currently $127  for a lifetime membership (though the price may go up in future). This is a one time fee.

Geoff Shaw offers a 100%, 30 day money back refund on his Kindling Publishing Course. He is also excellent at providing support.

Click Here for the Best Kindle Publishing Course – Kindling

BONUS OFFER #1 – Get the KINDLE PUBLISHING KITthis guide includes a checklist, Kindle template, Kindle promotion tips and Kindle formatting tips.

This guide is jam packed with resources for those who work at home or want to!

To get my special bonus of the KINDLE PUBLISHING KIT and the ultimate WORK AT HOME RESOURCE GUIDE

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2. Send an email to Put KINDLING BONUS in the subject line. Include your transaction ID for the purchase of the Kindling course.

3. I will send you your BONUSES within 48 hours or less.

FORMATTING: A lot of people have asked me about formatting. I used a tool that automatically does it for you! You upload your document with headers highlighted (it explains all of this) and add your cover. Voila – it gives you a Kindle in the correct format. I have two books on Kindle now, and I am working on my third. I have to credit the Kinstant for saving me a ton of time and frustration. If you want to spend your time on books instead of formatting them, then you need this tool. Check it out here; Kinstant Formatter Tool and read my article on it here; Kinstant Formatter.
It is a great little tool!

: I really enjoy making Kindle book covers and it is so easy. I teamed up with software developer Jim Coutu on eBook Cover Maker Pro. This easy to use software makes covers fast. I have used it for all of my covers and many of my books have been best sellers in there category. Learn more here;