Website Traffic Step By Step Guide – Spreadsheet Included + List Building 101

I am excited to share that I just published my first book on Kindle, Website Traffic Step By Step Guide – Spreadsheet Included + List Building 101 The book is a spin off of my Article Traffic Jackpot product. It is geared to Websites. It shares everything you need to do to send a hoard of hungry, buying traffic to your website.

It includes the Website Traffic Step by Step Guide and downloadable Traffic Spreadsheet in Excel format.

Amazon Image

In addition, the Website Traffic Step By Step Guide includes a List Building 101 report. Get the skinny on how easy it is to build a list and what you need to do!

For a limited time, Website Traffic Step By Step Guide – Spreadsheet Included + Listbuilding 101 is available on Amazon for only 99 cents! This offer won’t last long so grab it while you can!

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Interested in writing your own Amazon book? Use the system I used – the best Kindle publishing system; Kindling Kindle Publishing System and the easiest Formatting System – KINSTANT FORMATTER
It is a great little tool!

Beyond Commission – Product Creation

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If you ever thought you might like to create something now is the time! Product Creation is big business. Every year millions of dollars worth of goods and services are sold online. The creators of FatLoss4Idiots for example did 21 million dollars worth of business in one year alone! You can create anything from software to ebooks.

The first step is to identify the hungry markets. Who is looking for products and what will they buy? You will also need to learn how to create the product, launch the product and more. You may want to sell your products on sites such as Clickbank or ejunkie and have an army of affiliates working for you. Think about it. If you create a product such as an ebook and sell it for $47 and give $27 to an affiliate, that will leave you with $20. If you have four affiliates that each sell one a day, you would enjoy a few extra thousand a month. If you create an ebook for the most part once you have completed it, aside from the occassional service questions your work is done. If you develop software, you may have to put much more time in answering questions and resolving issues so you may want to charge a monthly, recurring fee for the software and enjoy profits over and over.

It may seem overwhelming to get started with Product Creation, but if you take it one step at a time you will find you create multiple products and if you selected correctly you will enjoy a good income from recurring sales.

I recommend Mark Thompson’s, Beyond Commission course. This comprehensive course uses videos, print outs and more to take you from product creation to product launch. Included are the forums where you can get one on one help with your products. I personally am a member and have found the entire course to be outstanding. This is a must have if you truly want to learn the ins and outs of product creation. You will create your first one within four hours. Mark is the owner of WordPress Goldmine and incredible course to learn how to make money online.

Click here to learn more about Product Creation with Beyond Commission. Beyond Commission.

The Keyword Academy – 30 Free + Bonus!

The Keyword Academy – Get 30 Days Free Plus Bonus! (see below for bonus)

The Keyword Academy has a wide range of incredible features…

~ Blog network
~ Link Exchange
~ Keyword research fast and easy
~ Software to track your traffic activity
~ Project spreadsheet for traffic management
~ Keyword worth formula
~ Step by step directions
~ Website setup and free website hosting
~ Monthly Webinars
~ and so much more….

I first came across The Keyword Academy (TKA) when looking for a formula to determine if keywords were “green” or “money keywords”. In other words, if I get to the top of Google how much will the word make me in Adsense? The Keyword Academy shares a simple, clear formula to determine that (it even does it for you in the Niche Refinery) and so much more. The Keyword Academy is feature rich for both the beginning blogger and the advanced SEO consultant.

The Keyword Academy offers some very sweet tools, that you will enjoy whether you are a beginner or advanced. Many people I know are members for just the PostRunner system or one of the other features. It is so affoard

1. The Post Runner System – Contextual blog links are one of the best types of links you can get. In the past you had to waste time writing to blog owners and ask for an opportunity to write for them. With the Post Runner system you have hundreds of blogs at your fingertips. Write an article and then post it to the blog of your choice. In addition, you can include your blog in the system (optional) and enjoy free articles from other members. Articles must be original, at least 300 words and may include 2 links. This is a fantastic way to enjoy quality backlinks.

2. The Project Spreadsheet The Keyword Academy now has an automated way of recording your linkbuilding but I use the Project Spreadsheet.

***The Project Spreadsheet has taken my business to a whole new level! On the sheet you list your keywords and URL’s and you can follow the exact traffic system they give you or modify it to your needs. I have set up one for each of my sites and modified it to my needs. It has been phenomenal to have my work at my fingertips instead of spread all over. I know exactly what link building I have done and what I need to do.

3. Link Exchange System – You can exchange links with other members. You put a link in and get a credit to get a link.

4. Niche Refinery – This is an amazing tool. You pop in a CSV from Google and the Niche Refinery goes to work. It applies a special formula and tells you what words you can compete for in Google and how much you stand to make if you reach the top position. Even if you have your own method of deciding which keywords to go for, the formula is a fast way of calculating which keywords pay the most and which are not worth it. I love seeing a “green” keyword worth a few hundred a month. It is fast and easy and will save you hours of time. I still check top results but have found the Niche Refinery to be an excellent tool.

The site also offers comprehensive step by step instruction, including PDF’s, call in meetings, videos and a forum that covers start up to advanced traffic techniques for building niche, supersite blogs and high earning hubpages. If you are interested in more detail on the instruction, read the article on the Keyword Academy at my work at home site.

So how much does this cost? It is totally free for the first month. You get access to everything at The Keyword Academy for a full 30 days. After that it is $33 a month which is very affordable and an incredible value for what you get.

Ready to sign up? Sign up with my link and get my bonus offer!

The Keyword Academy – Get 30 Days Free Plus Bonus!


  • Take the trial of Keyword Academy using my link.
  • Pay for a full membership in month two
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  • Put KEYWORD ACADEMY BONUS in the subject line.
  • Please allow 2-3 business days for me to send you the list.


SEO Business Box Bonus Offer!

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If you have thought about offering SEO services, Dan Tan’s SEO Business Box is the ultimate course. It covers everything from branding your business to how to perform on site and off site SEO. It includes contractor forms to use with clients and outsourcers and info on how to charge clients. The comprehensive course is a complete business in a box. Here is more of what you will learn from Dan Tan’s SEO Business Box;

“Hey, what is SEO?” – A secret course on SEO, on-page and off-page optimization and getting Google #1.
“Ok, now I know SEO, how do I find client?” – Crazy amount of techniques to find clients and seal the 1st deal!
“Wow, I signed my first client! How do I charge them?” – The 3 most popular models to charge clients.
“My business is growing! I don’t have time!” – Outsource bro, outsource! Outsource even from the start!”

The SEO Business Box course is set up in easy to follow modules. As you complete each one you will gain greater skills so that you can provide the most value to your customer earning their confidence and repeat business while increasing your reputation and income.

Working as an SEO consultant whether it be offering a sole service such as keyword research or a total SEO package can be very profitable. There is a very low start up cost and it is not difficult to get business (SEO Business Box teaches you how to get client’s also). And many businesses need someone to start and run their social media and don’t have a clue where to start. You can help them and profit at the same time.

The SEO Business Box course also includes some sweet bonuses. Dan Tan shares how he takes one seed article, that he purchased cheaply and turns it into tons of backlinks. There is a special report on how to get .edu and .gov links easily. I use this and it is an awesome technique. And there are TEN wordpress themes you can use with your clients!

If you are considering an SEO business or just want to take your sites to the next level, Dan Tan’s SEO Business Box is a no brainer!

SEO Business Box Bonus Offer!

Purchase SEO Business Box with my link and I will send you a sample copy of the One Page Proposal I use for new clients. This one page proposal offers a simple presentation to make to potential clients with a strong call to action at the end. It has earned me thousands of dollars in revenue and it can work for you! To get the one page proposal SEO Business Box Bonus Offer;

1. Purchase SEO Business Box using my link; SEO BUSINESS BOX

2. Send a copy of your transaction ID to Include the email address you want your SEO Business Box bonus sent to.

3. I will send you a copy of the simple One Page Proposal I use that attracts clients and gives a strong call to action! Please allow 48 hours to receive this.


InlineSEO Free Training!

Click Here To Get The FREE Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Training Course!

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Storm Your Way To The Top Of The Search Engines!

Of all the courses I have taken, the most comprehensive is the Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Training Course. This course covers everything you need to know about building your online business. If you are a webmaster you realize how important it it is to rank high in the search engines. The first organic site listed in the search engine enjoys most of the clicks. Organic traffic is red hot because it is free. Why pay $$$ for PPC traffic when you can get to the top of Google without paying a nickel?

Yes, you could buy a high placement in the search engines with PPC but consumers are becoming smarter. They are not clicking on the ads they see as much as the organic results. This means that if you get to the top of Google organically you will relish more clicks and not have to put out PPC cash.

Learning to get top rankings is a skill and that is where Lisa Parmley’s Inline SEO course comes in. In the course Lisa teaches you how to dominate the search engines. Lisa offers both free and paid training. I have taken both and the information is outstanding. Lisa is a natural teacher and shares what works in an easy to understand style.

Note: She teaches different things in her Free and Paid InlineSEO Training. It is absolutely worth getting both!

Here is what you get with the paid training;

Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Training Course

– Seven hours of videos that teach you everything from how to optimize your sites for the search engines to getting traffic to achieve top search engine results.
– Printable Inline SEO training manuals that recap what is on the videos for ease of use.
– Step by step action plan of what to do every step of the way.
– Easy to access material 24/7 with no time limit.
– Lisa’s personal secrets that she uses to earn thousands of dollars in residual income money after month after month.
and much more…..

Here is what you get with Lisa’s Free Training

Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Free Training:

-The Inline SEO battle plan to get targeted traffic, select the best keywords and out rank your competitors.
-The step by step plan that launched one of Lisa’s new websites from 0 to 30,000 visitors in just a few months!
-How to create magnetic content that draws backlinks naturally
and much more…..

In addition you can read her InlineSEO Adsense report on how Lisa took 20 sites and turned them into $10,000 a month properties in a few short months.

Lisa’s InlineSEO is phenomenal. After reading her Authority Tagging Report, I put it into practice for a client and charged them $1500. They were thrilled with the increased traffic and I was happy with my paycheck. And that is just one report that packs a powerful punch in Lisa’s Inline SEO system.

Click Here To Sign Up For The Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Training Course


*Try out  Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Free Training System.
*If you like it purchase the InlineSEO Training Complete Course with my link. Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Training – Complete Course
*Send an email to with your name, date of purchase and transaction ID.
*I will look at your site and give you plenty of pointers and ideas to take your income to another level.



Amazonian Profit Plan

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When you think about it, Amazon is one of the best places to be an affiliate of for many reasons. People trust Amazon. Amazon pays on time. Amazon has a huge amount of goods to choose from and best of all you get a percentage of everything the customer buys if they click through your link. So if you are selling a beauty product and someone clicks through and buys a hammock you get paid a commission on the sale of the hammock and anything else they buy.

As an Amazon affiliate I have sold almost everything you can imagine from sheets to Wii console’s to My Little Pony party supplies. I owe a lot of my Amazon success to Paula and Wanda’s step by step instruction Affiliate Tools HQ. Paula and Wanda are two Aussie ladies who make between $10,000 and $15,000 a month as Amazon affiliates. That is net profit not gross profit. And as they are quick to explain, though they have quite a few websites, the bulk of their sales comes from just a few pages on a couple of their websites.

In this money making course you will learn how to select the right products on Amazon, how to write reviews that “sell”, where and how to add Amazon links to your product reviews, how to tell if a product is worth trying to sell, how to drive the highest quality traffic to your product reviews, what free wordpress theme converts well and much more. The membership course covers everything you need to know to make hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month as an Amazon affiliate. The course also includes a keyword list template, product idea template and an outsourcing template.

Affiliate Tools HQ will save you hours of time. Paula and Wanda have been there done that and they know what works. By following this step by step blueprint you can start a blog and be earning income fast.

I personally tripled my Amazon income after reading their Amazonian Profit Plan which is included in their membership site and I have been at this for quite some time. If you are interested in building Amazon review sites or if you want to incorporate reviews or mix Amazon products in your regular blogs the Amazonian Profit Plan is for you.

Extra Special Deal –
Purchase The Amazonian Profit Plan through my link and I will look over your site when you are ready and give you tips and pointers.