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BackUpBuddy – Back Up Your Sites!

Click Here for Backup Buddy

Have you heard of Backup Buddy? It is a sweet, little plugin from Cory Miller and the iThemes company that makes a total copy of your site including images, theme, content, plugins – everything! As the company says, “It backs up the SQL database, plugins, files, themes, scripts, posts, settings, widgets, plugins, and everything else in the WordPress database and directories. You can optionally include additional database tables or exclude directories.”

If you have a website, it is essential to back up your site. Deleting a plugin, playing with your code, a malicious hacker etc. can all cause your site to go down. Not to long ago, I deleted a plugin that totally wiped out one of my sites. In just seconds, everything was gone. Even though I backed up regularly with WP Database Backup, that does not save the theme, images etc. Happily for me, my web hosting company was able to do a backup at a reasonable fee. But they were only able to restore the most recent backup they had, so I lost some of my work. In some cases hosts may not have good backups.

Backup WordPress Easily

At that point, I started evaluating different backup methods. I wanted something reliable and easy with excellent support. I found that with BackUpBuddy. I am amazed at how easy it is to back up my sites.

Using a plugin like BackupBuddy is an easy way to back up your site and restore it should you have a problem. It also makes it easy to replicate a site. If you want to flip sites, you can make one site with all the basic plugins and using BackupBuddy duplicate it over and over. You can move sites for people quickly and easily. You could even start a business moving sites.

BackUpBuddy installs easily through your dashboard or cpanel. Once installed, just click a button to generate a full back up. This can be saved to your server, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, or e-mail. When you want to recreate a site, video tutorials teach you how to reproduce the site. It takes just a matter of minutes.

Support with BackUpBuddy is excellent. IThemes also sells a number of other cook plugins including; Display Buddy (very cool ways to display your WordPress content, EmailBuddy, LoopBuddy, Mobile and more. You can also purchase the full Developers Suite which gives you license to all the plugins.

BackupBuddy runs $75 for two sites, $100 for 10 sites and $150 for unlimited sites. The Developer’s Suite with all plugins is only $197.00. This price of BackupBuddy is small when you consider the peace of mind you will gain from having a full backup of all your sites. It is just plain smart to protect your business and make this small investment.

Click Here for Backup Buddy


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Market Samurai – Get The Keyword Research Tool Free!

Click Here to Download Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool Free!

Of all the tools I use as an online marketeer, perhaps the most important one is Market Samurai. Armed with this sophisticated tool, I can find the winning keywords.

Market Samurai has multiple modules that include; Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, SEO Competition, Domains, Monetization, Find Content, Publish Content and Promotion. Within each of these modules are the keys to building a healthy, lucrative income.

Online success for internet marketers, often depends on two major factors, the market selected and the keywords targeted. Market Samurai helps you determine the best markets and select the worthwhile keywords based on relevance, traffic, competition and commerciality. This software pulls together tons of information and brings it directly to you, to help you make the best decisions.

Using the tool, you will be able to pick profitable niches. You will be able to see if a market is ripe, not worth your time or over staturated. You are able to generate keyword lists and zero in on the “golden keywords” with Market Samurai. You will be able to see the links your competition has built and know what you have to do to rank higher. Monetization and promotion modules will help you to take your work to the next level.

Try Market Samurai For Free!

Within the modules, there is a ton of data that will help you be at the top of your game. You can choose to use just what you need or get into great detail depending on your needs.

I personally find myself running keywords through the SEO Competition module to see if I want to go for them or not. At a glance, I can tell how hard a keyword would be to compete for.

Market Samurai offers a comprehensive program with their software. The videos walk you through understanding their software and as you watch them, you will learn what to do with your entire online business. This is not just about learning how to use their tool. The videos explain the “Golden Rules” so you know what to do to start your business and they explain how to follow through to build a successful, healthy online business.

One of the best parts is that Market Samurai offers one of their most popular modules absolutely free; the Keyword Research Module. This is the heart of Market Samurai. You will get the stats and date you need to help you find great keywords right at your fingertips – for free!

If you like the module you will want to seriously consider upgrading to the paid version which includes the other modules such as the SEO Competition module which analyzes your competition.
This is a huge time saver. You will not waste time going after keywords you can’t compete for.

The paid version of Market Samurai is a one time fee. In addition to the modules, it includes access to the forums, priority support and more.

The free version is great to start out with and will be a valuable tool. Not only do you get the Keyword Research Tool, but you also get access to the training videos.

Downloading the free version is a no brainer if you want the best information at your fingertips!

Click Here to Download Market Samurai

CBSurge – Free Clickbank Affiliate Tool +Bonus!

Click Here to Download CBSurge – Clickbank Profits Tool Free!

Want to make bank with Clickbank? Clickbank has over 16,000 products ranging from the latest hot diets to the best software. Top Clickbank affiliates can make a very lucrative income. To give you an idea, in 2009 the 21 million dollar selling Fatloss4Idiots program announced that 4 of it’s top affiliates had generated over a million in sales in only 65 days! Top affiliates routinely make over six to seven figures a year and more.

But with so many products to promote, how do you know which to choose? Clickbank gives information on the products but is limited. CBSurge is a software program by Matt and Brad Callen that helps you decide what Clickbank products to promote. It gives you a lot more information than Clickbank does but in a simple format so you are not bogged down with information overload. Looking at the results of CBSurge, it will be fairly easy to decide what products will bring in the bucks.

The free Firefox plugin works quickly to analyze different Clickbank statistics. Once you input the category you are considering, CBSurge highlights all the products in red or green. Green indicates a product that has a high profit potential and is easy to compete for. Red indicates harder marketability.

CBSurge is a really simple way to get all the details at your fingertips. With this data you will be able to make an informed decision on winning products. You won’t have to waste time visiting different sites to collect the information. Throw out your spread sheets and charts. All the stat gathering has been done for you and the red or green highlight tells you if it is a go or not. CBSurge works on both MAC’s and PC’s. It sits in the corner of your computer to be switched on and off as desired.

When you click on the specific product, CBSurge gives you even more detailed information including gravity trends, alexa ranking, whether or not the product site has an opt in form, exit pop up or video and much more.

When viewing CBSurge stats at Clickbank, you will notice buttons labeled, Top Gravity, Top Movers and Top Shakers. The first button Top Gravity, shows the Clickbank products that have the highest gravity on Clickbank. The next button, Top Movers, reveals the products that have increased the most by gravity. The Top Shakers button reveals the products that have decreased the most by gravity. A drop down box allows you to easily change categories. This is a great way to track what is hot and what is not on Clickbank!

There are two versions of CB Surge; free and paid membership also known as standard and elite. There are several differences between a CBSurge Standard and a CBSurge Elite membership. With the free version you get stats for up to one month. The paid membership gives you stats up to a year. The free version does not have data for the Top Movers and Top Shakers buttons. In addition paid membership allows you to brand your copy of CBSurge. You can then give this out to others. This places your affiliate links at Clickbank’s marketplace for those using your branded copy. A nice way to earn extra income.

Overall this is a great product that will save you hours of time. The paid membership is great but the free membership gives a ton of information also. CBSurge will save you hours of time and help you pick the right products to make the profits!

Click Here to Download CBSurge FREE


Click Here to Buy CBSurge

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EasyAzon – Amazon Links Made Simple! BONUS OFFER!


Have you heard of EasyAzon? This is a plug in developed by super affiliate Chris Guthrie that makes adding Amazon text links and photos to your websites and other content on the internet a breeze.

I love being an Amazon affiliate. I can write an article about anything I want, hop over to Amazon and find a product that works with the article. My readers often click on over to Amazon, check out the products I share and buy. And even if they don’t buy that item, they may buy something else. And Amazon gives me credit for the sale! Because Amazon is so trusted, sales are easy and my affiliate income adds up.

It is possible to make thousands of dollars every month on Amazon. Paula and Wanda the authors of Amazonian Profit Plan make about $10,000 a month. Chris Guthrie creator of EasyAzon sold one of his review sites for 4 figures – that is over $100,000. He can’t reveal the exact amount he sold the website for but he does share that he sold close to one million dollars worth of product at Amazon and made over $60,000 in a year.

Adding links to Amazon products throughout your blog can be a pain though. You have to go to Amazon, find the product and get the link. Amazon photo widgets do not convert that well so if you want to add a photo, you need to download the picture, save it to your computer and upload it to your site. There are products like WP Robot that automatically add Amazon reviews to your site but many sites that have duplicated reviews using these types of software are being deindexed or ranking lower in Google.

So how do you make adding text and photos simple? The answer is EasyAzon. This plugin allows you to easily integrate Amazon links and photos. You simply upload the plugin like you would any other. Then add your Amazon affiliate information. EasyAzon appears under each post and page. As you write your article you can easily add links and pics. You enter the desired keyword or ASIN in the EasyAzon field. Up pops photos and text links.

Adding Amazon affiliate photos is truly a snap. Just type in the name of a product and click INSERT IMAGE LINK. You can resize and reposition the product photo. This saves a lot of steps. Your affiliate code is automatically embedded in the photo.
Canon PowerShot A3000IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD

You can also add text links easily. Just click on INSERT TEXT LINK and EasyAzon will automatically insert at text link. You can change what you want the text link to say. The link automatically embeds your affliate link. And EasyAzon allows you to cloak your links. Below is an example of a text link.
Canon PowerShot A3000IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD

Once the products you are looking for pop up, you can select to add a text link or a photo or both. If you opt to add a photo, it automatically adds your affililate link to it. You can also size the photos to fit the way you want them to in your articles. You simply click to add.

Do you have content writers? EasyAzon allows your content writers to add Amazon product links. They simply add the links as they post. They never have to log in to Amazon for links, so they don’t have access to your private information.

Another cool feature is that the plugin can detect where your site visitors are coming from. So if you are an Amazon international affiliate, and enter your affiliate information, EasyAzon can dish up valid links to your international traffic. This is an easy way to increase sales. EasyAzon has a click thru link in the settings section so you can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Franc, Spain, Italy, Japan and China. When your visitor clicks thru a link, they will be directed to their countries Amazon and you will get credit for the sale.

EasyAzon makes it so easy to add links and photos as you write your posts. This is simple to use and it will save you hours of time. It truly is a no brainer! I had it up and running in minutes. It installs just like any other plugin. Just input your Amazon affiliate info and you are good to go.

With EasyAzon, you have the Amazon Superstore at Your Fingertips!

As a special bonus, I wiil send you a copy of my jam packed Work at Home Resource Guide!


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SocialAdr – Free Bookmarking!


Have you heard of SocialAdr?

SocialAdr is a simple to use bookmarking site.  They describe themselves as “one of the easiest ways to do hands-free link building, boost your search engine rankings, and send hordes of traffic to your web sites” and I have to agree.  Log in, set up your bookmarks and you are done. With other automated programs, the bookmarks fail to go through half the time. Or you are continually bookmarking  your own sites. With SocialAdr, other members bookmark your content so it looks very natural to the search engines.

SocialAdr offers both paid and free memberships. With the free version you log in daily, click a button and bookmark other’s content. With the paid version you just put in the bookmarks you want and go about your business. The bookmarking is done for you by members on the free plan so it is all hands off for you. You can buy different levels of bookmarking depending on your needs – up to 6,160 bookmarks a month with the Lazy Linkaholic account.

Recently they integrated with Twitter. So not only can you get tons of bookmarks from sites like Delicious, Faves, Blinklist and more but you can also have a message tweeted to tons of members on Twitter.

This is a great way to get indexed and get easy backlinks from diverse social bookmarking sites using other people’s accounts.  Let’s face it. If you have a website of any size, it is  hard to get backlinks to the home page and all the inner pages, plus the articles you submitted to other content sites. SocialAdr makes it very easy.

How easy is it?

Once you enter the URL of the site you want to bookmark you can click the magic wand and SocialAdr automatically fills in the information, title, tags and description. Or you can opt to add the information manually and even spin it if desired. Click submit and you are done. Your bookmark will be submitted to a wide variety of social bookmarking sites by other members.

Since SocialAdr is web based, everything is entered at the SocialAdr site, so you have no software to install, updates to worry about, computer slow down or crashes etc. Very simple.

With a paid account they set up all the social bookmarking accounts for you so you don’t have to hassle signing up. You simply log in, enter your bookmark URL and you are done. You can set limits on the number of bookmarks you want if desired.

This is a very simple way to get backlinks.


social media marketing services

Niche Finder – Special Bonus!

Click Here to Get the Niche Finder!

I recently found an awesome tool; Niche Finder developed by internet marketing wiz Brad Callen. This niche finder software makes finding keywords and niches simple. There are several tools on the market that will give you an idea of how competitive a keyword is. But many of the methods they use to determine competitiveness are just not accurate. They may go by sheer numbers of competition when bottom line what really matters is how strong the competition is in the top ten.

The Brad Callen Niche Finder software takes into account a ton of information to determine if you can compete or not. It analyzes the top results using factors such as page rank, number of links and on page optimization. And it does it all automatically. Then it returns results, letting you know if the keyword is worth going after or not. It gives a quick color rating and a numerical score. Green is a go – easy competition. Yellow is a maybe – medium competition. And Red is a no – very high competition. You can also look at the numerical score; 0 -30 is easy, 31-75 is moderate and 75+ is hard.

To get results, you simply enter a keyword in the Niche Finder and press the start button. Once the results are generated you will see the difficulty level, the number of global and monthly searches, the CPC, average links, number of competing websites and more. Another feature is the ability of the software to generate long tail keywords (words you many never have thought of). The software can also pull in the availability of the EMD (exact match domain) .com, .net and .org with an account at Domainface. Exact match not available? It also shows related domain names and their keyword density. Click here for a free account at Domainface; Domainface.

In this video, Brad explains all the functions;

Click Here to Get the Niche Finder!

What I love most about the Niche Finder is it is so simple. It is a very sophisticated software but it is so easy to use. It tells me exactly what I need to know and that is exactly what I need. One of my IM friends who owns it, told me he just goes for the greens and is usually on the front page immediately. I personally tend to go for the yellows and have found the tool to be on the money with how hard it is to rank. It also saved me quite a bit of time when one keyword that I thought was a no brainer turned out to be a bright red according to Niche Finder! On doing more due diligence I discovered, my initial research was off.

The Brad Callen Niche Finder software is not cheap, but when you add up all the hours you will save, it is well worth it. You can use the Niche Finder to let you know if you can compete for a keyword, find related keywords, discover a great niche and more. It is super easy to use and I think you will totally love it. Brad also has a full money back guarantee on it, so you can find out for yourself with the no hassle refund policy. You can use Niche Finder for two computers per license. Niche Finder has built in proxies so you do not need to use proxies or a VPN with it.

Click Here to Get the Niche Finder!


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Smart Virtual Assistants – Sweet Deal!

Click Here for Smart Virtual Assistants

My friend Mark Thompson of WordPress Goldmine has come out with a killer software, Smart Virtual Assistants. This is a sweet little tool that will do a LOT of work for you, a Virtual Assistant that you don’t have to babysit.

In it’s introductory phase, Smart Virtual Assistants, has two main features. Currently it tracks your backlinks and tells you where you will need links. And it has a hyperlink creator to make quick work of making hyperlinks for your site. The backlink tracker makes it simple to track the work you have done on a site. You can input the type of link you want to create and include your favorite linking spots. The tracker will let you know where you need more links and what links you have.

There are many features in the works. Smart Virtual Assistants will be adding an income tracker that will show you all your income in one place in real time. There are lots of plans for more features in the works, with a new module to be added every few weeks or so.

The software is desktop based , it runs in adobe air so it works for mac’s and pc’s.  It sits in the corner of your computer ready when you are.

At the current time Smart Virtual Assistants boasts just a few features but as time passes it will become very feature rich. Right now it is only $17.00 – a one time fee. Grab it at this low price. Don’t be kicking yourself when it goes up!

Click below to watch the video and learn more…

Click Here for Smart Virtual Assistants

Rank Tracker – Free Download!

Click Here For Free Rank Tracker Download!

One of my favorite tools is Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite. This software tells you where your keywords rank in the SERPS. In just minutes you can check on hundreds of search engine rankings. You can schedule the search engine rank check or do it on the fly. Rank Tracker supports 721 search engines including both local and international ones, so you can use the search engines that matter most to your market. And it does a lot more. You can see the KEI or “number of searches to competition”, generate dozens of profitable related keywords you may not have thought about (comes with 16 different keyword suggestion tools), gives the exact URL found, works with unlimited domains and much more. It is compatible with  Windows, Linux and Mac. And did I mention it is very easy to use.  Many of the features have a built in Wizard that helps you get the work done.

Rank Tracker

Bottom line is the Rank Tracker will save you hours of time. There are lots of tools out there that claim to give you search engine results and most of them are not that accurate. I have found Rank Tracker to be more accurate than anything else. In addition it is so easy to use and so incredibly fast. Why spend time fooling with different trackers or manually looking through hundreds of results to see where your keywords are. This is the most efficient way to find out your standings in just minutes.

I load it up with my project and in minutes it checks the rankings. I can clearly see where I stand in the SERPS.

Rank Tracker offers both a free and paid version. The biggest difference between these two is the free version does not save your history. So you can’t compare where you were last week or last month with where you are today without recording that information somewhere else. To me, keeping tabs on the history of my keywords is essential, so after trying the free version I quickly upgraded to the paid version of Rank Tracker. The paid version is $97 and will pay for itself fast.  But the free version works like a charm and you can always record the information separately. Regardless of whether you decide to go for the paid or not you will definitely want to download Rank Tracker free and check it out.

Honestly, I am not sure how I got by without it, there is no comparison between it and other rank tracking tools I have used like Market Samurai. Give Rank Tracker a try and you will see what I mean!

*Important Note: The paid version comes with a 6 month subscription to LIVE. Live is where they update the search engine platforms etc. After 6 months you will have to pay for a subscription to keep this current. The price currently runs about $6.95 a month or discounted at $79.95 a year.

Click Here For Free Rank Tracker Download Or To Buy Rank Tracker

rank tracker

SEO PowerSuite – Free Download!

Click Here to Download SEO PowerSuite Free Edition!

Who wants to get to the top of Google? If you want to get to the first position in Google and you have been at this for any length of time then you know it takes a combination of factors to land that top spot. Your own website must be optimized, you need to know what your competitors are doing so you can beat them at their own game, you need to be able to build links to drive traffic to your site and rise in the rankings and you need to be able to track your results.

SEO PowerSuite is an amazing four in one software that gives you all the answers to be the cream of the crop in your niche and then some. SEO PowerSuite is made up of four tools.

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

In just a few minutes you can see where hundreds of your keywords rank in Google. If you have ever tried to look for a keyword that was buried in the SERP’s you know what a time waster that is. SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker chases down your words and tells you exactly where you stand. You can also pre-schedule it to run. The tool includes a very handy keyword suggestion tool. And it supports over 700 search engines!

SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor

Ever work your butt off and still have a site perform poorly? It could be that your site in not optimized. The website auditor smokes out broken links, duplicate content, html errors, poor meta descriptions, missing titles, pages that are not indexed and more. This is custom to your website and the individual pages. This is not a one size fits all check this or that. The reports generated from SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor show you exactly where and what problems you are having so you can optimize those pages.

SEO PowerSuite SEO Spyglass

Let’s get real here. I believe in playing nicely with others but when it comes to ranking at the top of Google all bets are off. I need to know and you need to know what your competitors are doing so you can outrank them. Simple as that. SEO Spyglass allows you to analyze your top ranking competitors and figure out exactly what they did to get to number one. You will discover the entire link building campaign of your competitor including the number of backlinks, the page rank of the backlinks, the alexa traffic rank, anchor text used and so much more. Can you see the huge advantage this will give you?

SEO PowerSuite Link Assistant

Building links is the backbone of any SEO campaign and the SEO PowerSuite Link Assistant provides you with safe, fast and effective methods to build your links. Some features include; finding link partners, building reciprocal 1 way, 3 way and 4 way links, checking on link backs, send link exchange requests and more.

As you can see this amazing suite of tools offers a lot and best of all SEO PowerSuite offers a totally free edition. The free edition does not offer all of the features of the paid but it is still very feature rich and you will find it gives you an incredible edge over the competition. You can use the free edition as long as you like. If you find you want the paid, you can upgrade at a hugely discounted price.

*Important Note: The fully paid version comes with a 6 month subscription to LIVE. Live is where they update the search engine platforms etc. After 6 months you will have to pay for a subscription to keep this current. The price currently runs about $19.95 a month or discounted at $124.95 a year for all four tools.


SEO PowerSuite Free Download


Looking for a HideMyAss Discount?  You are in luck. The best VPN in the on the net, HideMyAss is offering a Huge Discount! Click Here To Visit HideMyAss

HideMyAss is a VPN (virtual private network) that works quickly and effectively to provide you with privacy and protect your identity as you work online or browse the net. Having tried working with web proxies, I was looking for something much easier and happily Hide My Ass is the perfect solution and with the HideMyAss discount  it is a no brainer. HMA takes your internet connection and tunnels it through their remote servers. With just a click of the Hide My Ass icon your internet connection is encrypted and your IP is hidden. The HideMyAss download is easy and fast. The system is much easier and generally cheaper to set up and use than web proxies are.

Once you have downloaded the HideMyAss proxy software, a small icon appears in the bottom right of your computer. You click the icon to easily connect, disconnect and change IP’s. In seconds you can be virtually residing in another country. You can also set it up to switch IP’s at intervals you desire. As you may realize, it is easy for sites that you browse to gather data on you. Free sites such as Statcounter, provide a wealth of information about online website visitors. Turning on HideMyAss allows you to surf the web anonymously. As HMA states on their site, you can use their services to “hide from hackers, insecure networks, online identity theft and much more.” You can browse competitor’s sites with ease. With HMA you have privacy for chat conversations, web browsing, downloads, online games and more. It takes just a click to turn HideMyAss vpn on. And with the Hide My Ass Discount it is very affordable. The monthly price is less than a hamburger and soda! Click Here To Visit HideMyAss

If you are doing work online with software programs such as Scrapebox, SEnuke or SEOLinkRobot the awesome SENuke alternative with a one time fee, you will want to use HideMyAss. There are several reasons. If Google feels you are making to many queries to the Google servers, they will block your IP. You can avoid this by using HMA. If the HMA IP gets blocked you simply switch to another, leaving your personal IP safe.

In addition Web2.0 properties can detect IP addresses. If you create automated accounts without an IP and you are suspected of spamming or creating automated accounts, your IP may be banned. This happened to a friend of mine who went back to an account she had auto created to add more information. Members of that community were on the look out for spammers and had flagged her account. When she went back to sign in, a posted message said her IP had been blocked and she was not welcome at the site. Not good!

I have been working with HideMyAss for some time now and have found it to be a very effective, affordable system. I really love it. And it is very easy to use. The one drawback is, if you are doing a task such as checking hundreds of IP’s to see if they are indexed, the IP you are using will eventually get blocked by Google (as any IP would) and you will have to switch it out. It is easy enough to switch but a minor nuisance. To solve this problem, simply change your IP periodically when working on tasks that require a lot of queries to the search engines. You can do this manually by simply clicking the icon in your task tray or you can set it up within the HMA dashboard to do it automatically at a time interval you select.

Currently Hide My Ass is offering an amazing HideMyAss discount of up to 60% off, depending on the plan you get. You can go month to month, semi annually or yearly. You can also just try it for a month. When you sign up you have the option to auto renew or not.

This is truly an easy to work with program. Try it out and see what you think;