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SEO Link Robot – Lowest Price!


I have made a special arrangement for readers of with Steve Hawkins, the creator of SEO Link Robot. Just click thru the links below to get the BEST price available. .

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Wow! I recently purchased a copy of SEO Link Robot and was blown away. In the past I have tried other automated programs including SEnuke but the huge monthly fees were a huge turn off.  SEO Link Robot, also known as SEOLR, offers the automation of SEnuke and for a much lower monthly fee. It is only $37.00 a month with discount!

This amazing software offers a tremendous all in one arsenal to meet your link building needs. It puts hundreds of backlinks at your fingertips as you auto create Web 2.0 properties, social bookmarking accounts and more. Here are a few of the features;

Creates web 2.0 accounts on auto pilot (30+ sites and growing)

Auto Create ‘Random’ Open link wheel structures using simple article tags

Uses either inline article or footer urls tag linking

Spins and submits your articles and auto links url’s

Auto builds backlinks from web 2.0 properties

Auto Social Bookmarks all of your links

Auto RSS feed submissions for your RSS feeds

Automatically de-captchas using Death By Captcher or Decaptcher

Automates the verification of your emails

Creates social bookmarking accounts on auto pilot

Spins your titles, keywords and descriptions on posting

Allows random site posting of your links

Auto submission to 40+ article directories

Auto submission to 10+ press release sites

Auto Social Bookmarks your links on the top 40+ sites

Automatically de-captchas using Death By Captcher or Decaptcher

Automates the verification of your emails

Creates rss accounts on auto pilot

Spins your titles, keywords and descriptions on posting

Auto RSS submissions for your Feeds to 15+ directories

Automates the verification of your emails

Submission to the top article directories including EzineArticles, GoArticles, IdeaMarketers and more

Creates web 2.0 accounts on auto pilot

Creates mini networks from your web 2.0 properties

Auto builds you inter connected site backlinks to each web 2.0 properties

Spins and submits your articles and auto links urls

Download or create sets of articles to use

Find ezine articles to post for your keywords

Auto Indexing of your content

Auto Spin Syntax insert functionality (The best spinner + spinner chief)

Pings 90+ major ping directories

Step by step strategy guide

Excellent support from SEOLR creator Steve  Hawkins

More features and upgrades constantly being added!

SEO link robot  individual modules tie your projects together.  Within minutes you can input a new niche, create Web2.0 properties, spin and submit an article, bookmark the article, submit press releases, submit the article’s RSS feed to the RSS aggregators, ping and index.

With all of these features you will save hours of time over manual work. You will literally be able to create hundreds of backlinks in minutes and you be paying a low monthly fee with a substantial discount. Click through my link to get the lowest prices. *NOTE – Lowest price will show up when SEOLR is in your shopping cart.

There is a full 14 day money back guarantee.


Or you can get a free trial of SEO Link Robot here;  SEO LINK ROBOT FREE TRIAL

With the variety of easy, automation this program offers to help you build your backlinks and the low one off fee it is a no brainer!

NOTE: It is recommended that you use Proxies or a VPN with SEO Link Robot. I use HideMyAss. It is very easy to use. Just turn it on or off as needed.

Click here to read more on HideMyAssClick here to buy HideMyAss for a Crazy Cheap Price

With the variety of easy, automation this program offers to help you build your backlinks and the low one off fee it is a no brainer!

Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin

Click Here to Learn More About the Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin!

I recently picked up a very cool plug in for my websites by Paul Forcey called Rank Tracker . *Note- This is not the same as the SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker. The SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker is a software tool that tracks rankings on a number of keywords in multiple search engines. It also suggests keywords, shares which are worth focusing on and much more. You can read my review and get a free download here;  SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker.

The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin works by sharing where you rank for searches people actually made. So lets say your site is on golf clubs. You may be optimizing for certain golf keywords such as “discount golf clubs”, “golf clubs for sale” etc. You may be tracking your position for these terms.

The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin will give you the you actual keyword phrases that people used when they found your site.  Things you may never have thought of, not just the keywords you were tracking. So they may have found you by looking for things like “cheapest brand of golf clubs” or “type of golf club used in Ground Hog Day movie” not just the phrases you are going after.

This is very powerful. With this knowledge you will learn many more words you can optimize for. And you will be able to look at your site and see if you are giving the searchers an answer to what they were looking for.

The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin is easily installed like any other plugin. It works on a PC or a MAC. Once installed it starts gathering data on the keywords people are using to find your site. The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker gives you the keywords that people used to find you at your fingertips. And it gives you exact keywords and keyword phrases.

The information the plug in provides includes;

Keyword – this is the keyword phrase that was used to find your site in Google

Rank – This is where your site/page ranks for that keyword, where you see the (-) this
shows where it was ranking last time, so you can see if it has moved or not.

URL – This shows the page or post url that they came to

PR – This is the page rank of the page

Last Checked -This is the date when it was last checked, so this would also be the date
when you last got a visitor to your site using this specific term.

What makes this plug in most interesting is the words and word combinations that people are using to find your site – often ones you never thought of. When you look up these keywords and keyword phrases you may be surprised at how high you are ranking already. I was really surprised at the huge variety of keyword terms my sites were in the search engines for. Things I had never thought of.

As you use the Paul Forcey Rank Tracker and and see the words people are using to find your site, you will also learn what people are looking for. For example if someone lands on your site using the phrase “buy green widgets” you know they are looking to buy. So you will want to optimize the page for buying and provide products or services they can purchase. If someone finds your site using the phrase “how to get more green widgets” it is clear they are looking for information. In this case you may want to put Adsense ads on the post they land on so they click thru the ads to find more information.

You can access the Paul Forcey Rank Tracker information directly at your website under the Settings section or you can opt to have the keywords mailed to you each day. I think you will be very surprised by all the different terms that bring visitors to your site.

By seeing these results, you will learn just what your visitors are looking for. The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin truly allows you to meet the needs of the visitors that come to your site and optimize for them. A simple, affordable way to help you further optimize your website for maximum income.


Magic Article Rewriter – Bonus Offer


I have owned Magic Article Rewriter for several years now and it is one of my very favorite time saving tools. Basically Magic Article Rewriter is a software program that spins your content. So you can put an article in the program and it will substitute words and phrases for you, resulting in a different piece of content then what you put in. It will do this in what is called spin format. Accepted spin format is different from one site to the next and Magic Article Rewriter will allow you to choose the format you want or substitute your own when you export your content.

There are other spinners on the market such as The Best Spinner, which is also good, but Magic Article Rewriter unlike The Best Spinner is a one time fee. And any time I can pay a one time for an excellent product, that offers free updates, instead of having to pay again and again it gets my vote.

I use Magic Article Rewriter almost every day to quickly spin titles and tags for free social bookmarking, spin articles for some get paid to post sites and with my automated article directory submitter Article Marketing Robot.

Spinning articles is not something I enjoy, but Magic Article Rewriter makes it much easier and faster. With Magic Article Rewriter you can spin tons of articles from just one main article. This gives you unique content to place on the article directories. You can spin PLR to make unique articles and more.

One of my favorite ways to use MAR is to spin the resource box. So if my main keyword is “acne lotion”. I would put the word in Magic Article Rewriter and spin it. I would copy and paste my spun text into the resource box at Article Marketing Robot. So in the resource box I would have something like; For more information visit URL NAME and learn more about the best {acne lotion| acne drying lotion|acne lotions|acne treatment lotions|acne treatmet|acne products}. When spun at multiple directories, I would gain backlinks for acne lotion and many related keywords. This would help my site rise up in the search engines for many terms.

This tool has also come in handy for spinning PLR. Recently I changed one of my site topics to something else that fit it. I lucked into a batch of PLR articles for a whopping $1.48. Using MAR I spun the titles and some of the content. Then I pasted it in my site. I backlinked to the site and within a few days I had my first adsense click – ca ching!

Magic Article Rewriter will save you money on writers and a lot of time. Excellent program and value.


* Get 2 Unique Articles You Can Spin With Magic Article Rewriter.
* Buy Magic Article Rewriter with my link. Magic Article Rewriter Link
* Send your transaction ID # to
* Put MAGIC ARTICLE REWRITER BONUS in the subject line.
* Include your topic and 2 keywords.
* Please allow 7-10 business days for turn around on your articles.
* Enjoy more backlinks with your free articles!

AWeber – Special Bonus Offer!

Click here to get a $1.00 Trial of AWeber

An email marketing program is a great way to grow your business. Businessmen and women can notify customers about new products and new solutions. Authors can update readers about new books they have written. Email marketing works well for many types of businesses and it is an easy, affordable way to share the latest news and much more. Using an email software program (also known as an auto responder) you can set up a series of emails to reach your customer base or email on a one time basis.

I Heart
There are both free and paid auto responders. The free ones tend to be limiting and it is a pain to switch from a free to a paid service as your list members have to “opt in” to the list again. Some years ago, I switched from the free auto responder service MailChimp to AWeber and it was one of the best decisions I have made to grow my business. (As I mentioned it is a big pain to switch – best to start out with the right service from the start.) MailChimp is nice to offer their service free but I found the interface bulky and they do not allow affiliate marketing. I selected AWeber because of it’s reliability, top notch service and more. It is simply the best. One of the most important factors in choosing an auto responder is, does it go to the list subscriber’s inbox or to their spam pile? I have found that rarely does anything from AWeber go to my spam.

Here are some features I love about AWeber.

~ Deliverability – very high rate of messages going to the inbox instead of the spam pile
~ Very easy to use system
~ Simple to set up multiple messages or send out one “blast” message
~ Excellent customer service – AWeber offers live chat and toll free support.
~ $1 for the first month – sweet. Get the $1.00 Aweber trial.
~ So easy to make Pop Overs etc. I am technically challenged but I made a Pop Over and put that puppy on my site in minutes
~ Well organized. Streamlined. I can find what I need in minutes.
~ It saves a rough draft of my work in case I lose anything.
~ Lots of options – Pre made templates (or make your own) for emails.
~ Lots of options #2 – Easy to use ready made forms to collect email addresses or customize
~ Integrates easily with Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
~ Reputation – Over 100,000 businesses use AWeber
~ Step by step guides for different types of businesses
~ And much more!

Overall thoughts. AWeber can help you take your business to a new level!

I think you will love AWeber and they offer a free $1.00 trial.

If you sign up and use my link let me know and I will send you my jam packed “Work at Home Resource Guide”! Just pop me an note at

Click here to get your $1.00 trial with AWeber!

* Sign up for Aweber with my link. AWeber Link
* Send your transaction ID # to
* Put AWEBER BONUS in the subject line.
* Include your contact information.
* I will email you your Work at Home Resource Guide within 48 hours (usually sooner)
* Make sure your cookies are cleared prior to using my link so the transaction is credited properly.

Sign Up For AWeber $1.00 Trial

Hostgator – Special Discount and Bonus!


There is good and there is fantastic. That is the difference to me with my old hosting company and my new one, Hostgator.

Last year I sold a couple of my websites and needed help to transfer them. I called my hosting company at the time and was giving vague directions. I had heard Hostgator was very good about helping so I called them. They were amazing at giving advice. Over the course of the year, I found myself more on the phone with Hostgator than with my own hosting company.

Hostgator goes the extra mile. Every single time I have called them, they have taken time to provide me with the help and direction I need to go forward with my business. Not just general directions, they have walked me through, step by step, to help me with my sites. When it was time to renew, I switched to Hostgator.

I opened a reseller’s account at Hostgator. Now I am able to easily sell and host sites. I purchased the Aluminum plan. This comes with client management, billing software, site building tools, templates and much more. For 24.95 a month, I get 50GB of space and 500GB bandwidth. What I like is that each site has it’s own individual cpanel so I can easily sell sites, giving the buyer the log in information and letting them take care of the transfer.

For most people, the basic Hostgator plan is more than sufficient. A single domain starts at only $4.95. You can host unlimited domains for $7.95.  I recommend you get the Baby Plan so you can add unlimited websites. It is only a couple dollars more a month. Installation of WordPress, forums and other programs are done with a click of a button. They will also transfer your domain at no charge during the first 30 days. They will transfer up to 30 domains for a reseller’s account.

If you need Hosting and want top notch quality and service at an affordable price, Hostgator is excellent!

SEOMENU2GO BONUS OFFER- I will look over your website and share tips on how to improve your site when it is ready. PLUS Use Code;   HostgatorSpecialSale    and you will get the Baby or Hatchling Plan for one penny for the first month! OR a discount off other packages! * Sign up for Hostgator with my Hostgator Link.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
* Use Code;  HostgatorSpecialSale     for a discount  (You will pay one penny for the Baby or Hatchling plan for the first month. Or you will get a discount off other packages.)
* Send your transaction ID # to
* Put HOSTGATOR BONUS in the subject line.
* Include your contact information.
* When your site is ready contact me and I will be in touch with tips. If you need help with site installation contact me.
* Make sure your cookies are cleared prior to using my link so the transaction is credited properly.


Article Marketing Robot – Sweet Discount!

SEOmenu2go has many special offers and bonuses on SEO tools. Our current featured special offer is for Article Marketing Robot. Browse our site for more special offers.

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Article Marketing Robot Exclusive Offer

Get 100’s of backlinks to your site by submitting to the hundreds of top article directories including EZA, Go Articles, Article Friendly and more!

Save hours of time. Automatic Submissions, Automatic Account Creation and much more!

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Article Marketing Robot – My Review

Article Marketing Robot is an article submission tool from software developer, Vince Severson, that submits to hundreds of directories including Article Friendly, Article Dashboard, WordPress Articles, Articles MS and more. Many top ranked directories are included such as Ezine Articles and GoArticles. You can also include your own WordPress blogs. Article Marketing Robot automatically creates accounts for you and confirms them saving hours of time.  Here are some of the features listed on the site;

  • LiveLink Reporting – AMR logs in to your Account and finds your published articles.
  • RSS XML Exporting – Take your LiveLinks and submit them an RSS Submitter.
  • Nested Article Spinning – Place spin syntax inside of spin syntax.
  • Spin On Submit – AMR automatically spins your article during submission.
  • Autoblogging – Blast to all your own niche WordPress blogs!
  • Scheduled Article Directory Submission – Works on YOUR timeframe.
  • Automated Author Account Creation – Hundreds of accounts auto-created.
  • Automate Email Confirmation – Confirm hundreds of emails with a single click.
  • Article Import / Export – Write an article and send it for easy import.
  • Captcha Solving – Those squiggly lines of text, solved!
  • Ultra-Fast Multi-Threading – What used to take hours is now done in minutes.
  • Insanely Powerful Aricle Rewriting – Words can’t even express how good it is.
  • Hundreds of Article Directories – Including all your favorite top ones, like EZA, Go, ArticlesBase, Etc.!
  • TeamViewer Certified Technical Support – 100% Customer Satisfaction.

There is a lot to love about Article Marketing Robot. It is a one time fee and with the SEOmenu2go exclusive discount it is very affordable. You will enjoy hundreds of backlinks and more free time as AMR does the work for you.

One of the keys to using the program is to use a paid email address. Freebie accounts such as gmail and yahoo don’t work with all the directories. So use a paid account. Since I am writing under a number of different pen names for myself and private clients, I bought email only hosting at Namecheap. But you can also use an email from one of your websites. Once you have signed up, enter your info. at AMR and it will automatically log in, sign up for accounts and confirm them. I had a pretty high success rate.

Next add in your articles and select the sites you want to send them to.

Here is how I use Article Marketing Robot.

  • I manually submit an article to Ezine Articles. AMR will do that for you, but I prefer to do it manually as I am using my primary account and pen names.
  • I add an article to Article Marketing Robot
  • I spin the title
  • I spin the resource box using different anchor text for my URL’s.
  • I select the article directories I want to send it to (usually all of them).
  • I select how I want them to be sent (all at once or drip).
  • Then I click submit and take a shower, have a cup of tea or do something else as Article Marketing Robot does all the grunt work for me and gets me hundreds of backlinks.

Another nice feature is with your purchase of Article Marketing Robot you get two licenses. This is great if you outsource or want to use Article Marketing Robot on a different computer. I have used other automated submitters in the past but none compare to Article Marketing Robot. In addition the one off fee saves you paying article distribution sites.

Article Marketing Robot is an excellent value and it just got better. SEOmenu2go and Article Marketing Robot have teamed up to give you an exclusive offer.