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Bookmarking can be a tedious task, yet it serves several purposes. It can help drive organic traffic from the bookmarking site and it helps with indexing and backlinks.

There are a number of free social bookmarking services online that will submit your material to numerous bookmarking sites. I personally use an inexpensive paid version of SocialAdr. With SocialAdr, I put in the URL’s that I want bookmarked and other members bookmark them. I do not have to do anything.

The system is very easy to use. Input your URL in the add a bookmark section and click the magic wand. SocialAdr will automatically pull in your title, tags and a short description or you can add it manually.

With SocialAdr, you can have multiple URL’s in the system and spin titles, keywords and content. You can preset the number of bookmarks you want on an URL or pause it when you have reached your desired number.

They also have a free version. Once you sign up, you just sign in once a day and with a click of a button bookmark other member’s sites.

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Click here to sign up for SocialAdr.

Uses Your Bookmarking Accounts

SocialMarker –  Offers the largest number of bookmarking sites.

OnlyWire – Free plan is good for up to 300 submissions per month

Uses It’s Own Bookmarking Account

IMAutomator – This used to be a free plan but now has a small monthly charge.  This is a very easy to use system but uses many lesser known bookmarking sites. You simply input your URL and it will pull in a description and tags.

Uses Other Members Bookmarking Accounts

SocialAdr – SocialAdr can be very powerful because the system uses other members bookmarks making it look very natural and allowing you to build viral traffic to your content.  The system is very easy to use. For the free version, you will need to sign up for accounts, then log in to the site and click a button to bookmark other’s sites to earn credits. For the paid version you submit your bookmark URL, description and tags and everything is taken care of for you. You do not need to sign up for accounts or bookmark other members sites.

Of the free versions listed here, IMAutomator is the easiest. You simply input your information, click submit and you are done. BUT it submits to very low level directories. When I did my experiments with it, I did not see results. All of the bookmarks are on the same profiles which also seems to leave a big footprint.

With the other bookmarking sites Onlywire, Social Marker and the free version of SocialAdr, you will need to set up accounts at the different bookmarking services. This can be a pain but you only have to do it once. And at SocialAdr, if you use the paid version, they set up the accounts for you. You can also use a free version and pay them a small fee to set up the accounts.

I found that my Onlywire bookmarks went through most of the time but they changed the methodology and I have not been able to get it to work since. I have not worked with Social Marker, but the wide range of bookmarks make it tempting.

My choice is SocialAdr.  Since other members bookmark my URL’s, I can have an URL bookmarked many times without it raising flags from the bookmarking sites. It looks very natural. Because it is web based, I don’t get the errors and the failures that I have with other free services. It can be very powerful.

Click here to sign up for SocialAdr.

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