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Get paid to post sites such as some content sites and article directories are a great way to get links to your site and earn money at the same time. Just one article I posted on a content site has earned over $1,000 and driven tons of traffic to one of my websites. By writing for get paid to post article directories and content sites you can increase your position in the search engines, drive traffic to your site, improve your page rank, and earn both affiliate and Adsense income depending on the terms of service of the site. A great way to get links!

Naturally if you have a website you will want to write get paid to post articles that will drive traffic to it. But you can also write for get paid to post sites to earn extra cash. One of my favorite techniques is to see what is popular on Oprah, Rachel Ray or another talk show. Recently for example, I watched Rachel Ray chat about a new diet book. I quickly wrote up an an article, posted it on one of the content sites and it has made about $40 in Adsense clicks. Keep in mind it will keep earning.

Here are some content sites and article directories where you can get paid to post;

Squidoo -Squidoo is one of my favorite Get Paid to Post sites. At Squidoo you can get a link back to your site and earn income from both Adsense and affiliate income. A great way to earn extra cash and get some links. Squidoo offers easy to use modules to add Amazon products. They even have a module for Zappos. Squidoo will delete your lens if it violates their terms of service. They are pretty strict and do not allow lenses on topics like hair loss, credit card debt, weight loss etc. So be sure to read the rules before taking time to make Squidoo lens.

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Bubblews – This is an easy to use fun, new site. You get paid when people view your posts, comment on them and share them on social media sites like twitter. In under two days I made a few bucks with two articles.            Sign Up for Bubblews

- InfoBarrel is a simple to use site. You can write product reviews, content and more. Content must be original and unique to Infobarrel. You are allowed to place links to your website and to affiliate products. Links must not be in the first paragraph and no call to action is allowed – keep links contextual. They pay out at 75% of Adsense.
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HubPages- Hubpages are a good way to make extra income from Adsense and affiliate products and drive traffic to your websites and articles. At The Keyword Academy, members report making hundreds of dollars from their Hubs.
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Here are several bookmarking sites that pay you to add links.

TipDrop – This is a neat site where you share tips with others. You can also post up to 10 links on your account. Pays out at 75% of Adsense.
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RedGage – At RegGage you are paid for clicks and views. If you are featured on the home page you receive extra. Share RedGage with your friends and you will be entered in the contests. Payout is at $25.
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Getting paid for your backlinks is a sweet way to double your benefits!

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