Get Paid to Search

Swagbucks – Get Paid to Search. While you are searching the net for information you may as well get paid for it.  Swagbucks is a search tool that pays you to search with your choice of gift cards, prizes, jewelry, electronics, health and beauty products, posters and more. Very simple to earn Swag Bucks which get you the goodies. Just sign up and search. I almost always earn Swagbucks within the first couple searches. Plus they have Swag Codes which can be redeemed for even more Swag bucks! Fun site.

Most search sites take hours to get points and are not worth it. Swagbucks is the only search site I recommend. I generally log on, do a couple searches, get my points and I am off the site in a few minutes.
Below you will see my Current points at Swagbucks. Keep in mind, I have already cashed in many points.

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