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Of all the courses I have taken, the most comprehensive is the Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Training Course. This course covers everything you need to know about building your online business. If you are a webmaster you realize how important it it is to rank high in the search engines. The first organic site listed in the search engine enjoys most of the clicks. Organic traffic is red hot because it is free. Why pay $$$ for PPC traffic when you can get to the top of Google without paying a nickel?

Yes, you could buy a high placement in the search engines with PPC but consumers are becoming smarter. They are not clicking on the ads they see as much as the organic results. This means that if you get to the top of Google organically you will relish more clicks and not have to put out PPC cash.

Learning to get top rankings is a skill and that is where Lisa Parmley’s Inline SEO course comes in. In the course Lisa teaches you how to dominate the search engines. Lisa offers both free and paid training. I have taken both and the information is outstanding. Lisa is a natural teacher and shares what works in an easy to understand style.

Note: She teaches different things in her Free and Paid InlineSEO Training. It is absolutely worth getting both!

Here is what you get with the paid training;

Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Training Course

– Seven hours of videos that teach you everything from how to optimize your sites for the search engines to getting traffic to achieve top search engine results.
– Printable Inline SEO training manuals that recap what is on the videos for ease of use.
– Step by step action plan of what to do every step of the way.
– Easy to access material 24/7 with no time limit.
– Lisa’s personal secrets that she uses to earn thousands of dollars in residual income money after month after month.
and much more…..

Here is what you get with Lisa’s Free Training

Lisa Parmley InlineSEO Free Training:

-The Inline SEO battle plan to get targeted traffic, select the best keywords and out rank your competitors.
-The step by step plan that launched one of Lisa’s new websites from 0 to 30,000 visitors in just a few months!
-How to create magnetic content that draws backlinks naturally
and much more…..

In addition you can read her InlineSEO Adsense report on how Lisa took 20 sites and turned them into $10,000 a month properties in a few short months.

Lisa’s InlineSEO is phenomenal. After reading her Authority Tagging Report, I put it into practice for a client and charged them $1500. They were thrilled with the increased traffic and I was happy with my paycheck. And that is just one report that packs a powerful punch in Lisa’s Inline SEO system.

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