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I recently published another book on Kindle, Make Money Online: 101+ Ways To Earn Money Online! (Work From Home).  The Kinstant Formatter made Kindle formatting so easy. Happily I found this tool early in my publishing career and I have used it for all of my books.

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If you have ever tried formatting a book, you know how frustrating it can be. It is time consuming and frustrating to get just the right margins, tags and more. You can outsource it, but outsourcing fees quickly add up. Plus you have the inconvenience of waiting for your book to come back. And if you know you have the work of formatting ahead of you – it is easy to just give up.

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IMPORTANT – If you want to make money writing books, you will want to focus your energies on writing or managing outsources NOT on formatting.

If you are like me, you want things done efficiently and affordably. Plus you want them done right. For these reasons, I decided to check out a lot of different formatting tools. What I found was some that just did not work, like the free one that didn’t allow me to put a title page after my cover. I also found ones that over complicated the process. Hello – if I had written War and Peace maybe I would want to spend hours trying to learn how to work that software.

Yes, I wrote a quality book, but I did not want to spend hours formatting it. I wanted to get it out there and work on another one!

Happily, I found Kinstant Formatter by Steven Henty. This little tool is fast. It is efficient. It is affordable – downright cheap for what it does. And it produces a top notch ebook!

You simple type in your title and author name and upload your document and Voila – your ebook is formatted. It is that easy. You do not have to download software. Simply go the site, input the information and that is it. This screen shot shows you how easy it is.

Kinstant Formatter

It is best if you upload your document to the Kinstant Formatter from a template designed for Kindle, because you will get cleaner results. As a bonus if you use my link to purchase Kinstant I will send you a template plus more – scroll down for the Special Bonus Offer.

And how does it look? Well if you have a kindle just download the free sample of my ebook here; Website Traffic Step By Step Guide – Spreadsheet Included + Bonus List Building 101 You can see how the Kinstant Formatter formatted my kindle book. If you don’t have a Kindle you can pick up a free Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac You can see how the Kinstant Formatter formatted my kindle book.

And by the way,I highly suggest you invest in a Kindle. I picked up the Kindle Fire and love it!

The Kinstant Formatter is a web based tool. There is no worry with downloading software and no learning curve – truly. And support for the tool is outstanding.

You will save a ton of time at a tiny price. The Kinstant Formatter is only $27 for a credit pack of 100. You can buy more credits if desired. Credits are good for one full year. The is a great opportunity to get your ebook formatted at a very affordable price.

There are no excuses now! Get your book out there!

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I love the Kinstant tool and I think you will too!

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