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I have owned Magic Article Rewriter for several years now and it is one of my very favorite time saving tools. Basically Magic Article Rewriter is a software program that spins your content. So you can put an article in the program and it will substitute words and phrases for you, resulting in a different piece of content then what you put in. It will do this in what is called spin format. Accepted spin format is different from one site to the next and Magic Article Rewriter will allow you to choose the format you want or substitute your own when you export your content.

There are other spinners on the market such as The Best Spinner, which is also good, but Magic Article Rewriter unlike The Best Spinner is a one time fee. And any time I can pay a one time for an excellent product, that offers free updates, instead of having to pay again and again it gets my vote.

I use Magic Article Rewriter almost every day to quickly spin titles and tags for free social bookmarking, spin articles for some get paid to post sites and with my automated article directory submitter Article Marketing Robot.

Spinning articles is not something I enjoy, but Magic Article Rewriter makes it much easier and faster. With Magic Article Rewriter you can spin tons of articles from just one main article. This gives you unique content to place on the article directories. You can spin PLR to make unique articles and more.

One of my favorite ways to use MAR is to spin the resource box. So if my main keyword is “acne lotion”. I would put the word in Magic Article Rewriter and spin it. I would copy and paste my spun text into the resource box at Article Marketing Robot. So in the resource box I would have something like; For more information visit URL NAME and learn more about the best {acne lotion| acne drying lotion|acne lotions|acne treatment lotions|acne treatmet|acne products}. When spun at multiple directories, I would gain backlinks for acne lotion and many related keywords. This would help my site rise up in the search engines for many terms.

This tool has also come in handy for spinning PLR. Recently I changed one of my site topics to something else that fit it. I lucked into a batch of PLR articles for a whopping $1.48. Using MAR I spun the titles and some of the content. Then I pasted it in my site. I backlinked to the site and within a few days I had my first adsense click – ca ching!

Magic Article Rewriter will save you money on writers and a lot of time. Excellent program and value.


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