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Of all the tools I use as an online marketeer, perhaps the most important one is Market Samurai. Armed with this sophisticated tool, I can find the winning keywords.

Market Samurai has multiple modules that include; Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, SEO Competition, Domains, Monetization, Find Content, Publish Content and Promotion. Within each of these modules are the keys to building a healthy, lucrative income.

Online success for internet marketers, often depends on two major factors, the market selected and the keywords targeted. Market Samurai helps you determine the best markets and select the worthwhile keywords based on relevance, traffic, competition and commerciality. This software pulls together tons of information and brings it directly to you, to help you make the best decisions.

Using the tool, you will be able to pick profitable niches. You will be able to see if a market is ripe, not worth your time or over staturated. You are able to generate keyword lists and zero in on the “golden keywords” with Market Samurai. You will be able to see the links your competition has built and know what you have to do to rank higher. Monetization and promotion modules will help you to take your work to the next level.

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Within the modules, there is a ton of data that will help you be at the top of your game. You can choose to use just what you need or get into great detail depending on your needs.

I personally find myself running keywords through the SEO Competition module to see if I want to go for them or not. At a glance, I can tell how hard a keyword would be to compete for.

Market Samurai offers a comprehensive program with their software. The videos walk you through understanding their software and as you watch them, you will learn what to do with your entire online business. This is not just about learning how to use their tool. The videos explain the “Golden Rules” so you know what to do to start your business and they explain how to follow through to build a successful, healthy online business.

One of the best parts is that Market Samurai offers one of their most popular modules absolutely free; the Keyword Research Module. This is the heart of Market Samurai. You will get the stats and date you need to help you find great keywords right at your fingertips – for free!

If you like the module you will want to seriously consider upgrading to the paid version which includes the other modules such as the SEO Competition module which analyzes your competition.
This is a huge time saver. You will not waste time going after keywords you can’t compete for.

The paid version of Market Samurai is a one time fee. In addition to the modules, it includes access to the forums, priority support and more.

The free version is great to start out with and will be a valuable tool. Not only do you get the Keyword Research Tool, but you also get access to the training videos.

Downloading the free version is a no brainer if you want the best information at your fingertips!

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