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EasyAzon – Amazon Links Made Simple! BONUS OFFER!


Have you heard of EasyAzon? This is a plug in developed by super affiliate Chris Guthrie that makes adding Amazon text links and photos to your websites and other content on the internet a breeze.

I love being an Amazon affiliate. I can write an article about anything I want, hop over to Amazon and find a product that works with the article. My readers often click on over to Amazon, check out the products I share and buy. And even if they don’t buy that item, they may buy something else. And Amazon gives me credit for the sale! Because Amazon is so trusted, sales are easy and my affiliate income adds up.

It is possible to make thousands of dollars every month on Amazon. Paula and Wanda the authors of Amazonian Profit Plan make about $10,000 a month. Chris Guthrie creator of EasyAzon sold one of his review sites for 4 figures – that is over $100,000. He can’t reveal the exact amount he sold the website for but he does share that he sold close to one million dollars worth of product at Amazon and made over $60,000 in a year.

Adding links to Amazon products throughout your blog can be a pain though. You have to go to Amazon, find the product and get the link. Amazon photo widgets do not convert that well so if you want to add a photo, you need to download the picture, save it to your computer and upload it to your site. There are products like WP Robot that automatically add Amazon reviews to your site but many sites that have duplicated reviews using these types of software are being deindexed or ranking lower in Google.

So how do you make adding text and photos simple? The answer is EasyAzon. This plugin allows you to easily integrate Amazon links and photos. You simply upload the plugin like you would any other. Then add your Amazon affiliate information. EasyAzon appears under each post and page. As you write your article you can easily add links and pics. You enter the desired keyword or ASIN in the EasyAzon field. Up pops photos and text links.

Adding Amazon affiliate photos is truly a snap. Just type in the name of a product and click INSERT IMAGE LINK. You can resize and reposition the product photo. This saves a lot of steps. Your affiliate code is automatically embedded in the photo.
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You can also add text links easily. Just click on INSERT TEXT LINK and EasyAzon will automatically insert at text link. You can change what you want the text link to say. The link automatically embeds your affliate link. And EasyAzon allows you to cloak your links. Below is an example of a text link.
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Once the products you are looking for pop up, you can select to add a text link or a photo or both. If you opt to add a photo, it automatically adds your affililate link to it. You can also size the photos to fit the way you want them to in your articles. You simply click to add.

Do you have content writers? EasyAzon allows your content writers to add Amazon product links. They simply add the links as they post. They never have to log in to Amazon for links, so they don’t have access to your private information.

Another cool feature is that the plugin can detect where your site visitors are coming from. So if you are an Amazon international affiliate, and enter your affiliate information, EasyAzon can dish up valid links to your international traffic. This is an easy way to increase sales. EasyAzon has a click thru link in the settings section so you can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Franc, Spain, Italy, Japan and China. When your visitor clicks thru a link, they will be directed to their countries Amazon and you will get credit for the sale.

EasyAzon makes it so easy to add links and photos as you write your posts. This is simple to use and it will save you hours of time. It truly is a no brainer! I had it up and running in minutes. It installs just like any other plugin. Just input your Amazon affiliate info and you are good to go.

With EasyAzon, you have the Amazon Superstore at Your Fingertips!

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Amazonian Profit Plan

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When you think about it, Amazon is one of the best places to be an affiliate of for many reasons. People trust Amazon. Amazon pays on time. Amazon has a huge amount of goods to choose from and best of all you get a percentage of everything the customer buys if they click through your link. So if you are selling a beauty product and someone clicks through and buys a hammock you get paid a commission on the sale of the hammock and anything else they buy.

As an Amazon affiliate I have sold almost everything you can imagine from sheets to Wii console’s to My Little Pony party supplies. I owe a lot of my Amazon success to Paula and Wanda’s step by step instruction Affiliate Tools HQ. Paula and Wanda are two Aussie ladies who make between $10,000 and $15,000 a month as Amazon affiliates. That is net profit not gross profit. And as they are quick to explain, though they have quite a few websites, the bulk of their sales comes from just a few pages on a couple of their websites.

In this money making course you will learn how to select the right products on Amazon, how to write reviews that “sell”, where and how to add Amazon links to your product reviews, how to tell if a product is worth trying to sell, how to drive the highest quality traffic to your product reviews, what free wordpress theme converts well and much more. The membership course covers everything you need to know to make hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month as an Amazon affiliate. The course also includes a keyword list template, product idea template and an outsourcing template.

Affiliate Tools HQ will save you hours of time. Paula and Wanda have been there done that and they know what works. By following this step by step blueprint you can start a blog and be earning income fast.

I personally tripled my Amazon income after reading their Amazonian Profit Plan which is included in their membership site and I have been at this for quite some time. If you are interested in building Amazon review sites or if you want to incorporate reviews or mix Amazon products in your regular blogs the Amazonian Profit Plan is for you.

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