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CBSurge – Free Clickbank Affiliate Tool +Bonus!

Click Here to Download CBSurge – Clickbank Profits Tool Free!

Want to make bank with Clickbank? Clickbank has over 16,000 products ranging from the latest hot diets to the best software. Top Clickbank affiliates can make a very lucrative income. To give you an idea, in 2009 the 21 million dollar selling Fatloss4Idiots program announced that 4 of it’s top affiliates had generated over a million in sales in only 65 days! Top affiliates routinely make over six to seven figures a year and more.

But with so many products to promote, how do you know which to choose? Clickbank gives information on the products but is limited. CBSurge is a software program by Matt and Brad Callen that helps you decide what Clickbank products to promote. It gives you a lot more information than Clickbank does but in a simple format so you are not bogged down with information overload. Looking at the results of CBSurge, it will be fairly easy to decide what products will bring in the bucks.

The free Firefox plugin works quickly to analyze different Clickbank statistics. Once you input the category you are considering, CBSurge highlights all the products in red or green. Green indicates a product that has a high profit potential and is easy to compete for. Red indicates harder marketability.

CBSurge is a really simple way to get all the details at your fingertips. With this data you will be able to make an informed decision on winning products. You won’t have to waste time visiting different sites to collect the information. Throw out your spread sheets and charts. All the stat gathering has been done for you and the red or green highlight tells you if it is a go or not. CBSurge works on both MAC’s and PC’s. It sits in the corner of your computer to be switched on and off as desired.

When you click on the specific product, CBSurge gives you even more detailed information including gravity trends, alexa ranking, whether or not the product site has an opt in form, exit pop up or video and much more.

When viewing CBSurge stats at Clickbank, you will notice buttons labeled, Top Gravity, Top Movers and Top Shakers. The first button Top Gravity, shows the Clickbank products that have the highest gravity on Clickbank. The next button, Top Movers, reveals the products that have increased the most by gravity. The Top Shakers button reveals the products that have decreased the most by gravity. A drop down box allows you to easily change categories. This is a great way to track what is hot and what is not on Clickbank!

There are two versions of CB Surge; free and paid membership also known as standard and elite. There are several differences between a CBSurge Standard and a CBSurge Elite membership. With the free version you get stats for up to one month. The paid membership gives you stats up to a year. The free version does not have data for the Top Movers and Top Shakers buttons. In addition paid membership allows you to brand your copy of CBSurge. You can then give this out to others. This places your affiliate links at Clickbank’s marketplace for those using your branded copy. A nice way to earn extra income.

Overall this is a great product that will save you hours of time. The paid membership is great but the free membership gives a ton of information also. CBSurge will save you hours of time and help you pick the right products to make the profits!

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