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Looking for a HideMyAss Discount?  You are in luck. The best VPN in the on the net, HideMyAss is offering a Huge Discount! Click Here To Visit HideMyAss

HideMyAss is a VPN (virtual private network) that works quickly and effectively to provide you with privacy and protect your identity as you work online or browse the net. Having tried working with web proxies, I was looking for something much easier and happily Hide My Ass is the perfect solution and with the HideMyAss discount  it is a no brainer. HMA takes your internet connection and tunnels it through their remote servers. With just a click of the Hide My Ass icon your internet connection is encrypted and your IP is hidden. The HideMyAss download is easy and fast. The system is much easier and generally cheaper to set up and use than web proxies are.

Once you have downloaded the HideMyAss proxy software, a small icon appears in the bottom right of your computer. You click the icon to easily connect, disconnect and change IP’s. In seconds you can be virtually residing in another country. You can also set it up to switch IP’s at intervals you desire. As you may realize, it is easy for sites that you browse to gather data on you. Free sites such as Statcounter, provide a wealth of information about online website visitors. Turning on HideMyAss allows you to surf the web anonymously. As HMA states on their site, you can use their services to “hide from hackers, insecure networks, online identity theft and much more.” You can browse competitor’s sites with ease. With HMA you have privacy for chat conversations, web browsing, downloads, online games and more. It takes just a click to turn HideMyAss vpn on. And with the Hide My Ass Discount it is very affordable. The monthly price is less than a hamburger and soda! Click Here To Visit HideMyAss

If you are doing work online with software programs such as Scrapebox, SEnuke or SEOLinkRobot the awesome SENuke alternative with a one time fee, you will want to use HideMyAss. There are several reasons. If Google feels you are making to many queries to the Google servers, they will block your IP. You can avoid this by using HMA. If the HMA IP gets blocked you simply switch to another, leaving your personal IP safe.

In addition Web2.0 properties can detect IP addresses. If you create automated accounts without an IP and you are suspected of spamming or creating automated accounts, your IP may be banned. This happened to a friend of mine who went back to an account she had auto created to add more information. Members of that community were on the look out for spammers and had flagged her account. When she went back to sign in, a posted message said her IP had been blocked and she was not welcome at the site. Not good!

I have been working with HideMyAss for some time now and have found it to be a very effective, affordable system. I really love it. And it is very easy to use. The one drawback is, if you are doing a task such as checking hundreds of IP’s to see if they are indexed, the IP you are using will eventually get blocked by Google (as any IP would) and you will have to switch it out. It is easy enough to switch but a minor nuisance. To solve this problem, simply change your IP periodically when working on tasks that require a lot of queries to the search engines. You can do this manually by simply clicking the icon in your task tray or you can set it up within the HMA dashboard to do it automatically at a time interval you select.

Currently Hide My Ass is offering an amazing HideMyAss discount of up to 60% off, depending on the plan you get. You can go month to month, semi annually or yearly. You can also just try it for a month. When you sign up you have the option to auto renew or not.

This is truly an easy to work with program. Try it out and see what you think;