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Beyond Commission – Product Creation

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If you ever thought you might like to create something now is the time! Product Creation is big business. Every year millions of dollars worth of goods and services are sold online. The creators of FatLoss4Idiots for example did 21 million dollars worth of business in one year alone! You can create anything from software to ebooks.

The first step is to identify the hungry markets. Who is looking for products and what will they buy? You will also need to learn how to create the product, launch the product and more. You may want to sell your products on sites such as Clickbank or ejunkie and have an army of affiliates working for you. Think about it. If you create a product such as an ebook and sell it for $47 and give $27 to an affiliate, that will leave you with $20. If you have four affiliates that each sell one a day, you would enjoy a few extra thousand a month. If you create an ebook for the most part once you have completed it, aside from the occassional service questions your work is done. If you develop software, you may have to put much more time in answering questions and resolving issues so you may want to charge a monthly, recurring fee for the software and enjoy profits over and over.

It may seem overwhelming to get started with Product Creation, but if you take it one step at a time you will find you create multiple products and if you selected correctly you will enjoy a good income from recurring sales.

I recommend Mark Thompson’s, Beyond Commission course. This comprehensive course uses videos, print outs and more to take you from product creation to product launch. Included are the forums where you can get one on one help with your products. I personally am a member and have found the entire course to be outstanding. This is a must have if you truly want to learn the ins and outs of product creation. You will create your first one within four hours. Mark is the owner of WordPress Goldmine and incredible course to learn how to make money online.

Click here to learn more about Product Creation with Beyond Commission. Beyond Commission.

Smart Virtual Assistants – Sweet Deal!

Click Here for Smart Virtual Assistants

My friend Mark Thompson of WordPress Goldmine has come out with a killer software, Smart Virtual Assistants. This is a sweet little tool that will do a LOT of work for you, a Virtual Assistant that you don’t have to babysit.

In it’s introductory phase, Smart Virtual Assistants, has two main features. Currently it tracks your backlinks and tells you where you will need links. And it has a hyperlink creator to make quick work of making hyperlinks for your site. The backlink tracker makes it simple to track the work you have done on a site. You can input the type of link you want to create and include your favorite linking spots. The tracker will let you know where you need more links and what links you have.

There are many features in the works. Smart Virtual Assistants will be adding an income tracker that will show you all your income in one place in real time. There are lots of plans for more features in the works, with a new module to be added every few weeks or so.

The software is desktop based , it runs in adobe air so it works for mac’s and pc’s.  It sits in the corner of your computer ready when you are.

At the current time Smart Virtual Assistants boasts just a few features but as time passes it will become very feature rich. Right now it is only $17.00 – a one time fee. Grab it at this low price. Don’t be kicking yourself when it goes up!

Click below to watch the video and learn more…

Click Here for Smart Virtual Assistants