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Niche Finder – Special Bonus!

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I recently found an awesome tool; Niche Finder developed by internet marketing wiz Brad Callen. This niche finder software makes finding keywords and niches simple. There are several tools on the market that will give you an idea of how competitive a keyword is. But many of the methods they use to determine competitiveness are just not accurate. They may go by sheer numbers of competition when bottom line what really matters is how strong the competition is in the top ten.

The Brad Callen Niche Finder software takes into account a ton of information to determine if you can compete or not. It analyzes the top results using factors such as page rank, number of links and on page optimization. And it does it all automatically. Then it returns results, letting you know if the keyword is worth going after or not. It gives a quick color rating and a numerical score. Green is a go – easy competition. Yellow is a maybe – medium competition. And Red is a no – very high competition. You can also look at the numerical score; 0 -30 is easy, 31-75 is moderate and 75+ is hard.

To get results, you simply enter a keyword in the Niche Finder and press the start button. Once the results are generated you will see the difficulty level, the number of global and monthly searches, the CPC, average links, number of competing websites and more. Another feature is the ability of the software to generate long tail keywords (words you many never have thought of). The software can also pull in the availability of the EMD (exact match domain) .com, .net and .org with an account at Domainface. Exact match not available? It also shows related domain names and their keyword density. Click here for a free account at Domainface; Domainface.

In this video, Brad explains all the functions;

Click Here to Get the Niche Finder!

What I love most about the Niche Finder is it is so simple. It is a very sophisticated software but it is so easy to use. It tells me exactly what I need to know and that is exactly what I need. One of my IM friends who owns it, told me he just goes for the greens and is usually on the front page immediately. I personally tend to go for the yellows and have found the tool to be on the money with how hard it is to rank. It also saved me quite a bit of time when one keyword that I thought was a no brainer turned out to be a bright red according to Niche Finder! On doing more due diligence I discovered, my initial research was off.

The Brad Callen Niche Finder software is not cheap, but when you add up all the hours you will save, it is well worth it. You can use the Niche Finder to let you know if you can compete for a keyword, find related keywords, discover a great niche and more. It is super easy to use and I think you will totally love it. Brad also has a full money back guarantee on it, so you can find out for yourself with the no hassle refund policy. You can use Niche Finder for two computers per license. Niche Finder has built in proxies so you do not need to use proxies or a VPN with it.

Click Here to Get the Niche Finder!


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