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Rank Tracker – Free Download!

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One of my favorite tools is Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite. This software tells you where your keywords rank in the SERPS. In just minutes you can check on hundreds of search engine rankings. You can schedule the search engine rank check or do it on the fly. Rank Tracker supports 721 search engines including both local and international ones, so you can use the search engines that matter most to your market. And it does a lot more. You can see the KEI or “number of searches to competition”, generate dozens of profitable related keywords you may not have thought about (comes with 16 different keyword suggestion tools), gives the exact URL found, works with unlimited domains and much more. It is compatible with  Windows, Linux and Mac. And did I mention it is very easy to use.  Many of the features have a built in Wizard that helps you get the work done.

Rank Tracker

Bottom line is the Rank Tracker will save you hours of time. There are lots of tools out there that claim to give you search engine results and most of them are not that accurate. I have found Rank Tracker to be more accurate than anything else. In addition it is so easy to use and so incredibly fast. Why spend time fooling with different trackers or manually looking through hundreds of results to see where your keywords are. This is the most efficient way to find out your standings in just minutes.

I load it up with my project and in minutes it checks the rankings. I can clearly see where I stand in the SERPS.

Rank Tracker offers both a free and paid version. The biggest difference between these two is the free version does not save your history. So you can’t compare where you were last week or last month with where you are today without recording that information somewhere else. To me, keeping tabs on the history of my keywords is essential, so after trying the free version I quickly upgraded to the paid version of Rank Tracker. The paid version is $97 and will pay for itself fast.  But the free version works like a charm and you can always record the information separately. Regardless of whether you decide to go for the paid or not you will definitely want to download Rank Tracker free and check it out.

Honestly, I am not sure how I got by without it, there is no comparison between it and other rank tracking tools I have used like Market Samurai. Give Rank Tracker a try and you will see what I mean!

*Important Note: The paid version comes with a 6 month subscription to LIVE. Live is where they update the search engine platforms etc. After 6 months you will have to pay for a subscription to keep this current. The price currently runs about $6.95 a month or discounted at $79.95 a year.

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Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin

Click Here to Learn More About the Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin!

I recently picked up a very cool plug in for my websites by Paul Forcey called Rank Tracker . *Note- This is not the same as the SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker. The SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker is a software tool that tracks rankings on a number of keywords in multiple search engines. It also suggests keywords, shares which are worth focusing on and much more. You can read my review and get a free download here;  SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker.

The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin works by sharing where you rank for searches people actually made. So lets say your site is on golf clubs. You may be optimizing for certain golf keywords such as “discount golf clubs”, “golf clubs for sale” etc. You may be tracking your position for these terms.

The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin will give you the you actual keyword phrases that people used when they found your site.  Things you may never have thought of, not just the keywords you were tracking. So they may have found you by looking for things like “cheapest brand of golf clubs” or “type of golf club used in Ground Hog Day movie” not just the phrases you are going after.

This is very powerful. With this knowledge you will learn many more words you can optimize for. And you will be able to look at your site and see if you are giving the searchers an answer to what they were looking for.

The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin is easily installed like any other plugin. It works on a PC or a MAC. Once installed it starts gathering data on the keywords people are using to find your site. The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker gives you the keywords that people used to find you at your fingertips. And it gives you exact keywords and keyword phrases.

The information the plug in provides includes;

Keyword – this is the keyword phrase that was used to find your site in Google

Rank – This is where your site/page ranks for that keyword, where you see the (-) this
shows where it was ranking last time, so you can see if it has moved or not.

URL – This shows the page or post url that they came to

PR – This is the page rank of the page

Last Checked -This is the date when it was last checked, so this would also be the date
when you last got a visitor to your site using this specific term.

What makes this plug in most interesting is the words and word combinations that people are using to find your site – often ones you never thought of. When you look up these keywords and keyword phrases you may be surprised at how high you are ranking already. I was really surprised at the huge variety of keyword terms my sites were in the search engines for. Things I had never thought of.

As you use the Paul Forcey Rank Tracker and and see the words people are using to find your site, you will also learn what people are looking for. For example if someone lands on your site using the phrase “buy green widgets” you know they are looking to buy. So you will want to optimize the page for buying and provide products or services they can purchase. If someone finds your site using the phrase “how to get more green widgets” it is clear they are looking for information. In this case you may want to put Adsense ads on the post they land on so they click thru the ads to find more information.

You can access the Paul Forcey Rank Tracker information directly at your website under the Settings section or you can opt to have the keywords mailed to you each day. I think you will be very surprised by all the different terms that bring visitors to your site.

By seeing these results, you will learn just what your visitors are looking for. The Paul Forcey Rank Tracker Plugin truly allows you to meet the needs of the visitors that come to your site and optimize for them. A simple, affordable way to help you further optimize your website for maximum income.