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SocialAdr – Free Bookmarking!


Have you heard of SocialAdr?

SocialAdr is a simple to use bookmarking site.  They describe themselves as “one of the easiest ways to do hands-free link building, boost your search engine rankings, and send hordes of traffic to your web sites” and I have to agree.  Log in, set up your bookmarks and you are done. With other automated programs, the bookmarks fail to go through half the time. Or you are continually bookmarking  your own sites. With SocialAdr, other members bookmark your content so it looks very natural to the search engines.

SocialAdr offers both paid and free memberships. With the free version you log in daily, click a button and bookmark other’s content. With the paid version you just put in the bookmarks you want and go about your business. The bookmarking is done for you by members on the free plan so it is all hands off for you. You can buy different levels of bookmarking depending on your needs – up to 6,160 bookmarks a month with the Lazy Linkaholic account.

Recently they integrated with Twitter. So not only can you get tons of bookmarks from sites like Delicious, Faves, Blinklist and more but you can also have a message tweeted to tons of members on Twitter.

This is a great way to get indexed and get easy backlinks from diverse social bookmarking sites using other people’s accounts.  Let’s face it. If you have a website of any size, it is  hard to get backlinks to the home page and all the inner pages, plus the articles you submitted to other content sites. SocialAdr makes it very easy.

How easy is it?

Once you enter the URL of the site you want to bookmark you can click the magic wand and SocialAdr automatically fills in the information, title, tags and description. Or you can opt to add the information manually and even spin it if desired. Click submit and you are done. Your bookmark will be submitted to a wide variety of social bookmarking sites by other members.

Since SocialAdr is web based, everything is entered at the SocialAdr site, so you have no software to install, updates to worry about, computer slow down or crashes etc. Very simple.

With a paid account they set up all the social bookmarking accounts for you so you don’t have to hassle signing up. You simply log in, enter your bookmark URL and you are done. You can set limits on the number of bookmarks you want if desired.

This is a very simple way to get backlinks.


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