The Keyword Academy – 30 Free + Bonus!

The Keyword Academy – Get 30 Days Free Plus Bonus! (see below for bonus)

The Keyword Academy has a wide range of incredible features…

~ Blog network
~ Link Exchange
~ Keyword research fast and easy
~ Software to track your traffic activity
~ Project spreadsheet for traffic management
~ Keyword worth formula
~ Step by step directions
~ Website setup and free website hosting
~ Monthly Webinars
~ and so much more….

I first came across The Keyword Academy (TKA) when looking for a formula to determine if keywords were “green” or “money keywords”. In other words, if I get to the top of Google how much will the word make me in Adsense? The Keyword Academy shares a simple, clear formula to determine that (it even does it for you in the Niche Refinery) and so much more. The Keyword Academy is feature rich for both the beginning blogger and the advanced SEO consultant.

The Keyword Academy offers some very sweet tools, that you will enjoy whether you are a beginner or advanced. Many people I know are members for just the PostRunner system or one of the other features. It is so affoard

1. The Post Runner System – Contextual blog links are one of the best types of links you can get. In the past you had to waste time writing to blog owners and ask for an opportunity to write for them. With the Post Runner system you have hundreds of blogs at your fingertips. Write an article and then post it to the blog of your choice. In addition, you can include your blog in the system (optional) and enjoy free articles from other members. Articles must be original, at least 300 words and may include 2 links. This is a fantastic way to enjoy quality backlinks.

2. The Project Spreadsheet The Keyword Academy now has an automated way of recording your linkbuilding but I use the Project Spreadsheet.

***The Project Spreadsheet has taken my business to a whole new level! On the sheet you list your keywords and URL’s and you can follow the exact traffic system they give you or modify it to your needs. I have set up one for each of my sites and modified it to my needs. It has been phenomenal to have my work at my fingertips instead of spread all over. I know exactly what link building I have done and what I need to do.

3. Link Exchange System – You can exchange links with other members. You put a link in and get a credit to get a link.

4. Niche Refinery – This is an amazing tool. You pop in a CSV from Google and the Niche Refinery goes to work. It applies a special formula and tells you what words you can compete for in Google and how much you stand to make if you reach the top position. Even if you have your own method of deciding which keywords to go for, the formula is a fast way of calculating which keywords pay the most and which are not worth it. I love seeing a “green” keyword worth a few hundred a month. It is fast and easy and will save you hours of time. I still check top results but have found the Niche Refinery to be an excellent tool.

The site also offers comprehensive step by step instruction, including PDF’s, call in meetings, videos and a forum that covers start up to advanced traffic techniques for building niche, supersite blogs and high earning hubpages. If you are interested in more detail on the instruction, read the article on the Keyword Academy at my work at home site.

So how much does this cost? It is totally free for the first month. You get access to everything at The Keyword Academy for a full 30 days. After that it is $33 a month which is very affordable and an incredible value for what you get.

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The Keyword Academy – Get 30 Days Free Plus Bonus!


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